High School DxD: Simply, The King

If you have followed me on this blog, or my twitter. You know that I love the ecchi-anime series High School DxD. It is one of the three shows that got me back into anime, and I maintain, to this day, that is a masterpiece.

So much so, that I spent much of last summer discussing the series. Every season, every arc. I talked about the English dub, the changes in animation, and I shined a spotlight on the two central main characters and why they work. I called it The Summer of Love, and while we are in part 2 of that event with Date A Live, I wanted to take a moment and throw up an easy to access index for all my posts.

I love High School DxD, and my work last year remains some of my favorite on Shallow Dives. I hope you will find this as enjoyable to read, as I did to write. Check out the links after the cut.

High School DxD Season 5 confirmed- Release date,the volumes involved and  everything else!!

Arc by Arc Posts

High School DxD Episodes 1-6: The Raynare Arc

High School DxD Episodes 7-12: The Raiser Arc

High School DxD New Episodes 1-6: The Kiba Arc

High School DxD New Episodes 7-12: The Summit Arc

High School DxD Born Episodes 1-5: The Summer Vacation Arc

 High School DxD Born Episodes 6-8 and Hero Episode 0: The Asia Arc

High School DxD Hero Episodes 1-6: The Kyoto Arc

High School DxD Hero Episodes 7-12: The Rating Game Arc

General Series Discussion

The English Dub of High School DxD

The Opening Themes of High School DxD

 The Ending Themes of High School DxD

 The Changes of Season 3 and 4

High School DxD’s Rias Gremory: The Effort of Doing Something, instead of Nothing.

What Fellow Bloggers think of High School DxD

High School DxD’s Issei Hyoudou: A Cut Above The Rest

Final Thoughts on High School DxD

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