Don’t @ Me: Seven of my Anime Opinions: Before Breakfast Edition

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to get up, not go to school, and get on with our lives. Welcome to Don’t @ Me, the place that unlike, stupid criticisms of Sword Art Online, I think for ten seconds before giving you my thoughts on anime, manga and the like. I got a breakfast to go to, but before I run out with toast in my mouth, here is some random shit I wanted to talk about.

HIDIVE on Twitter: "remember to eat breakfast to fuel your anime binge! via  Engaged to the Unidentified:… "
Anime makes toast look so fucking sexy

1. I said in on my twitter, but I’ve gotten back into Overlord via the light novels. This is a show that I’ve tried…three times (this is number four) to get into, and I always end up dropping it. So far the light novel has been really good, so maybe this time will be different. I love the art though, feels really damn unique.

2. I’ve also gotten back into Fire Force, and it’s…something. I mean I really respect how author Atsushi Ōkubo decided to cut the fat out the classic shonen story. If anything, Fire Force fucking moves and doesn’t seem to waste anytime, but there is just something missing.

3. I dunno, I think Okubo probably cut too much fat from his story, and I think a few of the arcs could use a bit more time. But maybe that’s just me re-adjusting to how shonens seem to be told now. I’ve from the filler/padded out generation.

4. Either way, Tamaki is sexy, and Lisa is drop-dead gorgeous in that crop-top. Like grab me a knife and fork, I haven’t seen sexy shonen girls in a long time.

5. I really wish some light novels wouldn’t actually be normal size books. Some of the ones I have are nice, compact and fit in the palm of your hand. I don’t like how Goblin Slayer feels like a full text, it was always hard to whip out and read on the train.

6. Speaking of Goblin Slayer, I’m probably not going to do a post on Goblin’s Crown. I already did my light novel review on the story, and to be honest, it’s far better. Goblin’s Crown was just…OK, and really didn’t blow my mind. Didn’t help that the first 25 mins are a damn re-cap.

7. If you haven’t picked up Persona 4 Golden, I suggest that you do. Even if you don’t care for  video games, it’s a great anime story, with some of the best character work I’ve seen in gaming since Mass Effect. The bond between the main characters, plus the excellent english dub really makes it stand out. Give it a look.


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