Don’t @ Me in The Summer of Love: Eight of my Anime Opinions: Date A Live Edition

The Summer of Love II has only a few posts left. It’s been fun, but busy time this go around, and I look forward to bringing it all home tomorrow with our last look at the final half of season 3. Today though, here are some anime opinions about the series Date A Live!

Natsumi married
Romance at its finest.

1. The animation changes in Season 3 honestly weren’t that noticeable in the first arc. I mean it was there, it was very noticeable, but it actually didn’t really detract from the series that much. These episodes I’m watching now though? When it comes to the action, like holy fuck is it bad.

2. I mean, I suppose that was the price to pay for saving Date A Live from being cancelled when TMS went under, and we got a season 4. I just hope that this next time around the animation is slightly better. Nice boobies though.

3. Why doesn’t Yoshino go to school like the rest of the girls? Why is she the only one staying at home while everyone else is gone for the day? This is never explained in all three seasons and it is kinda annoying.

4. I mean this is anime, you could totally pass Yoshino off as a high school student, just make her a first year. It really, REALLY doesn’t make any sense.

5. I do like how the series is really foreshadowing things that (hopefully) will show up in future seasons. Shido is connected to everything, as are some other characters who haven’t been revealed yet.

6. I did read the ending to the light novel series, and by all accounts its ends quite well, with everything wrapped up and the girls all happy and at peace. I do hope these light novels get brought over to the west some day, I’d love to read them.

7. I still won’t ever get over how fucking useless and inconsequential to the plot Mana is. I mean she isn’t even in season 3. They really should have just merged the character into Kotori and Origami, which would have saved so much time. But this is a problem that a lot of Harem anime, even the greats, have: cast overload.

8. I haven’t really spoken much about Date A Bullet, but from what I’ve seen it looks great. Kurumi isn’t my best girl, but any chance to step into this world is welcome. It also looks like they actually put money into the animation this time, so fingers crossed. I also hope sweet ARMS does the opening theme!

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