Don’t @ Me: Ten of My Anime Opinions: Drammaaaaa Edition

Right, we got plenty of shit to say today. Welcome back to Don’t @ Me, the place where, like the girls in Monster Girl Doctor, I come in for a check-up with my views, opinions and thoughts on everything about this anime industry. This week dropped some juicy things in my lap, so let’s get into it!

Eight Anime About the Videogame and Anime Industry -
Let us engage in the DRAMAAAA

1. So Sony is thinking about buying Crunchyroll, which means they would have control over both them and Funimation. I don’t like this for two reasons. The first being that the western anime industry does NOT need its own version of Steam. That type of monopoly in the west may be good or your subscription each month, but it leads to laziness, arrogance, and apathy. Having one company be judge, jury and executioner on what gets brought over to the west is not a good for the long term health of Anime in the west.

2. As an Ecchi and fanservice fan. Giving control of anime in the west solely to Sony fucking terrifies me. I’ve said this before, but once the culture war and moral crusaders set their sights fully on the anime fandom, ecchi and fanservice is the FIRST thing in their crosshairs. Sony, who has already bullied off similar games off their platform, bending the knee to those people is just not good news for anyone.

3. This weekend as a result of their new copyright laws, Japan brought the hammer down hard on Kissanime, one of the biggest illegal anime streaming sights. The site is dead now, and people have been divided between grief and relief. For me? My thoughts are torn.

4. I have always maintained a deep respect for the ‘fan-sub’ era, which pretty much kept Anime alive in the west before it was really able to take care of itself. So many shows, ones that are landmarks to so many fans, that have shaped the industry, wouldn’t have been here without fansubs. It is a part of anime history, a vital and important one. That being said.

5. Things are better now. and Crunchyroll and Funimation, as imperfect as they are, have finally ‘caught up’ to fansubs. Things are only going to improve too as time goes on. I know many people are skeptical of Funi and Crunchyroll, but as someone who has lived through that era. I can honestly say that things are better.

6. Now if you live in a country where legal streaming is not available. Or you are looking for a series that isn’t on any of those legal sites, then fucking pirate away.

7. I’m writing post on Gate-keeping in Anime in the near future. Maybe even this week, because frankly I have a lot to say, and I think there is merit to both arguments. I do wholly think there is a difference between what people THINK gate-keeping is, and what people actually mean when they say they want to gatekeep the hobby.

8. People are still pitching a fit over Uzaki-chan, which has pretty much eroded the VERY little amount of sympathy I had over the argument. She’s a shortstacked college character. Women like that do actually exist. And frankly the show itself isn’t good enough for people to be this mad.

9. I mean, if you get threatened and offended by THIS


And this


and this.


10. You’ll never be able to handle THIS.


Or this.




8 thoughts on “Don’t @ Me: Ten of My Anime Opinions: Drammaaaaa Edition

  1. Wouldn’t Sony buying Crunchy open up the opportunity of having the Crunchy and funimation libraries merged again which would be good for a lot of fans? Also I may be wrong but traditionally Sony has been a lot friendlier and more open to distributing Ecchi and Fanservice heavy titles than AT&T (an American company).
    I don’t disagree with you regarding monopoly issues although technically there are other streaming services available even if they are smaller but I can see potential benefits for consumers as well as for studios. Sony has been a bit more open to negotiating on their terms even though that’s really not saying much.

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    • There are benefits, but if Sony’s track record with games (See Senran Kagura) is any indication, then concern is warranted.

      Also yes, merging the libraries would be great for viewers and subscriptions, but giving them a monopoly over the industry, or at least the dominate stake is probably not that good long term.


      • What do you think will happen. Slip in quality or raise in prices? Since quality is controlled by the studios, this is just a distributing monopoly and not a manufacturing one so that’s not a concern. Prices could go up but the again they have prime, netflix and smaller independents like Hidive primes to infiltrate the market share so that should keep supply and demand in check.

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      • My fear is more that a monopoly would be more choosy and picky with their titles. They won’t chase after the ecchi/fanservices if they are calling the shots, which is my biggest fear.

        But really, having multiple companies (to an extent) is better in my mind, then a single monolith.


      • But there is Netflix which is expanding its library, Prime, Anilab which is already Sony .. HiDive currently on the North American market so there’s zero chance for a Monopoly. Do you think that puritanical AT&T inc was really more likely to distribute Ecchi titles than Sony? I had the opposite impression. They traditionally have stricter media guidelines for sexual content. Maybe something has changed?

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      • Sony has had a history of cracking down recently on ecchi titles in the west, and if that shit carries over to anime, and they have ownership of the two streaming sites that (let’s face it) are the only two that matter, then that deserves a raised eyebrow at least.

        Will it happen? I have no idea, but Crunchyroll/Funi are the two biggest players in the market, and if they combine, that’s a game changer. HiDive is doing its own thing, and Netflix isn’t doing what they SHOULD be doing if they REALLY wanted to be a player in the market.

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      • In your opinion it would be better for Crunchyroll to remain an AT&T subsidiary? Or do you want them to sell to someone else? Did you have someone in mind?


      • I want the streaming industry to have multiple different companies, not too many, but enough that there is healthy competition. I don’t care who owns what as long as a vision of the Japanese creators isn’t impaired.

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