Two Years of Shallow Dives in Anime: Nee Chanto Shiyou Yo Episode 4

Our week long celebration of two years blogging at Shallow Dives in Anime comes to a conclusion! We’ve answered some questions, thanked our readers, and discussed a series that I’ve been trying to get to for a long while. Now however, it is time to go down the road of spice, with another hentai review, one that I’ve been eager to talk about for a while now.

So let’s cut right to the chase. After the cut let’s talk about Episode 4 of the hentai series: Nee Chanto Shiyou Yo!

((This is a Hentai Series, so NSFW images right up ahead))

Twin Tailed Tryst

As I discussed during my review of the first episode of Kakushi Dere, when talking about hentai you don’t really need to look at the entire series as a whole. Instead you can just look at individual episodes, because unless it is a story focused series like Bible Black, or Sense and Values of Wine. Your just watching it for the scenes. Which is why we are talking about episode 4 of Shiyou Yo!

Now a little under a year or so back, I spoke about this particular episode.

Okay Dewbond, we are going to put the Shirou and Rin sex scene back in to Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, but re-write it completely to make it less, you know, stupid and cringe. What’s your plan?

*hands them this episode* Go to around 16:00- 16:15 and watch. THAT is how you do a sex scene with a twin-tailed tsundere.

I still believe that, and to this day, the Shiyou Yo! still has one of the best sex scenes that involve a tsundere. The plot that gets us to the knocking of boots isn’t that important, it is pretty much a basic set up of a guy defending his girl (or in this case, sister, cause you know, hentai) from a creep. After that is all settled they decided to celebrate the only way they can, by going to absolute town on each other.

And enough fluids to fill a pool.

The lone sex scene of the episode though, is something to be hold. It goes through all the motions, which is par for the course for any hentai worth their salt. But what makes it stand out is the passion on display Tsunderes, always known for their “cold on the outside, sweet on the inside” often don’t fare well in hentai scenes, but Shiyou Yo! like Kakushi Dere before it, decides to go all in on the love-making and it works.

Foreplay isn’t really given much air-time these days, especially for the girl. Our lad here knows how to please his lady.

From the variety of positions, to the time spent on foreplay, Shiyou Yo! doesn’t feel like you are watching a porno, but instead bearing witness to two people earnest making love. The attraction to palpable, the desire is real, and the way they get into it feels genuine. It isn’t real by any means, but in genre like Hentai when things often like to get really freaky, really fast, a wholesome sessions like this is quite good.

But it also feels like what you’d expect from a sex scene with a Tsundere, and even months after I’ve first watched it, it is something that I think about when reflecting back on shows like Unlimited Blade Works and the like. As much as the series didn’t need to have it, the lack of intimacy between Shirou and Rin always felt strange, especially since the Fate and Heaven’s Feel routes do have it. Like I said in my quote above, if I was given the power to add in the sex scene (and re-write the visual novel’s weird ass version), then I would absolutely use Shiyou Yo! as a template.

Our titular lady of the episode is tsundere as they come, and her body is nicely designed for a hentai.

The fourth episode of Nee Chanto Shiyou Yo! is an older hentai for sure. It doesn’t have the crisp animation of some of the more recent hits (but it also doesn’t have the shitty animation either), nor does it get really freaky, but it is a solid vanilla outing that plays things safe, and has a real good time doing it. Wholesome hentai are becoming rarer things these days, so it is always good to know there is a respectable backlog that you can come (heh) back to when you need your fix. If that is up your alley, or you just want to see a red-headed twin-tailed tsundere get absolutely destroyed, then I highly suggest taking a look at Shiyou Yo! You might find what your looking for.

I KNEW those twintails were used for something!

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