Spy x Family: License to Laugh

One of the best feelings is when you just come across a series out of the blue. Even better is when that series turns out to be a massive hit that you can’t put down. That was my experience with Parallel Paradise, as well as Hensuki. Today we another one, and it is a series that I am so glad I found. After the cut, let’s take a look, or let me just gush, at the manga series Spy x Family

Shaken and Stirred

It has probably been years, I’d say well over a decade since a manga series has made me laugh like this. And I’m not talking just minor laughs, I mean full on, almost on the floor, tears in my eyes, laughter. That type of laughter that overtakes you and never lets you go. That has been my experience with Spy x Family, and it has been like drinking water in the desert.

Starring Twilight, a legendary spy tasked with a mission to find information on a high ranking official, this man with dream of building a better world realizes that to complete his mission, he’s going to have to create a family. To that end he adopts the young girl Anya, and ‘marries’ the quiet and eager to settle down Yor. The only problem is, is that Yor is the legendary assassin Thorn Princess, and Anya is a telepath, and no one has the faintest idea of the other! What follows is (as of this writing) 30+ chapters of some of the most hilarious comedy and writing I’ve seen in a manga.

The Forgers make a perfect family, and watching them get closer is one of the best parts of the series.

Now this is a story that has been done before, and any time spent with the manga can probably tell you where it is will end up going. Twilight will end up getting real close to his family, and the three of them will end up becoming one for real. However as of now, the story has been nothing by one great moment after another. Most of that comes down to Anya, the daughter, who has been a walking meme machine since she debuted. Her ability to read minds, letting her know what is really going on is great, but having her be a 6 year old kid, with a 6 year old kid’s world view is genius. There are so many, SO MANY panels with Anya’s reactions to the world around her, all of them that have brought a laugh to my eyes. She may be able to read minds, but Spy x Family remembers that she is a kid, and she makes mistakes, misread situations and be just dumb as shit. Moments like her trying to study for a test (when she realizes she won’t be able to cheat), or trying to ingratiate herself with the target’s young son, through pictures of her new dog are comedic gold.

Anya’s mind reading never breaks the story, and she is the best source of comedy. God have I not laughed like this in ages.

The other characters are great too. Twilight, or Loid Forger is a brilliant spy, and his lengths he goes to complete his mission, but also to his “family” or both cool and touching. Yor Forger, the assassins is both a perfect killer and adorably naive, wanting more than anyone to make this family work. There are plenty of moments where you see the Forger family have those idealistic moments, which warms your heart and makes you hope that these three will stay together. Then the series goes right back to that perfect comedy as these three vastly different people bounce against each other. The supporting cast is quite strong as well, with Yor’s sister complex brother, and Twilight’s newly arrived assistant, an emotionless ice-queen who harbors deep feelings of love, to Anya’s disgust.

This entire post could have just been Anya faces. They need to just be seen, not talked about.

Spy x Family is another series that I can’t really talk to you about it. You just have to read it. At only 30 or so chapters and published bi-weekly, things are just getting started, so it is easy to catch up. And I highly suggest that you do. This is an massive hit just waiting to happen, and I wouldn’t be surprised if an anime would come in the next few years. When that does, Spy x Family is going to blow up and probably be the next anime-darling much like how Kaguya-Sama: Love is War ended up being. It deserves every inch of that though. I absolutely 100% fucking LOVE Spy x Family, and I couldn’t tear my eyes away when I was reading it. This IS the next big manga hit, and if you want laughs, action, a really meme-able character, and some heartfelt family moments. Drop whatever you are doing and read. this. manga.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith, indeed.

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