Fruits Basket 2nd Season: Second Cour: Step Forward, Step Backward

I’ll be honest here guys. My thoughts on the second cour of Fruits Basket is pretty much the exact same as the first. Everything I said in that last post hasn’t changed, like at all. So instead of just repeating myself, I highly suggest you check out what I said there, because it really does crystallize how I feel about the series right now.

That being said, there are some things I do wanna talk about, so after the image I’ll toss up my thoughts in point form. Please enjoy.

Fruits Basket Season 2 second cour visual : anime
Good and Bad, like everything in life.


  • Fruits Basket’s second outing does many things great, but the most important I think is showing the darker side of the Zodiac curse. While this was done a little bit in the first season, it really comes into play here. The predicament of the Soma’s ranges from annoying to down right cruel, and its good to see the story cover all of those bases.


  • Rin’s backstory, finally revealed after weeks of teasing lives up to the expectations. She is absolutely the most broken of the Zodiac spirits. I liked that her relationship with Hatsuharu was physical and intimate, instead of some platonic hand-holding nonsense. Explains why the dude was always so calm, he got laid. He’s got nothing to prove.


  • Kureno’s history as well was quite interesting. The guy who has his curse broke, and therefore could do whatever he wants, decides to stay and be Akito’s plaything. It is a move done out of pity and kindness, but has probably hurt Akito more than it has helped. I can see why Shigure hates him.


  • Akito’s big reveal as a woman was probably the worst kept secret in anime this year. But I am told it shocked quite a few people, that’s cool.


  • Machi’s relationship with Yuki, and frankly his entire relationship with the student council is probably the best part of his story this time. I’ve gone on record about how I feel of Yuki’s overwhelming effect on the plot, but this was pretty solid.


  • Hatori’s episode remains probably my favorite of the entire second season. Fruits Basket just kills it when it is about anything other than the main characters, and watching him slowly move on from his own heartbreak is the highlight. Loved it.


  • Overall, Fruits Basket’s second season, like the show itself, is a mixed bag. It keeps everything that is good, and the stuff that is bad doesn’t change much either. I really, REALLY hope that the final season puts more attention to Tohru and Kyo, who at this point have almost been forgotten by the story. If Fruits Basket is able to stick the landing, then I think it will have accomplished what it set out to do. 

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