Monster Girl Doctor: Dr. Feelgood

One of the best things about watching an anime, or any piece of entertainment is the sleeper hit. The shows that you pick up on a whim and find out you enjoy it quite a lot. This year we’ve had a few of those, with shows like BOFURI and Rent a Girlfriend. And the show we are discussing today can follow in that mold. After the cut, let’s take a dive into the anime series Monster Girl Doctor.

Monster Musume no Oisha-san (2020-)
Turn your head and cough

Now sadly, despite having similar names, Doctor is not a show in the same veins as the legendary Monster Musume. While there are some ecchi elements present, it is not the full on sexy romp that raised the ladder to heights of the genre. Instead we have a calm and relaxed slice of life anime involving monster girls and medicine. The story follows the newly certified Glenn Litbeit and his assistant Saphenite as they set up a small clinic. Together the two work on making sure the residents of Lindworm are safe, healthy and happy. What follows is a simple illness of the week formula that has Glenn working on solving the problems of a certain monster girl, whether it is a harpy, a giant, or a centaur.

The ecchi is tongue in cheek, and lighthearted, which has been rare for this year.

Throughout the series run, I found myself quite surprised at how much I was enjoying the series. At its core it is nothing special, but the simple nature, peaceful soundtrack and world of monster girls, (something that still feels fresh) really won me over. In a season where shows like ReZero never let you take a breath, or War of the Underworld with its non-stop action, something like Doctor feels like the breather that all anime seasons normally need.

Even the final case, a life-saving surgery is still relatively light. The series is the perfect break from everything else this season.

In regards to the characters, I found myself quite enjoying the relationship between series lead Glenn and Sapphee. While the harem hijinks are still clearly present, the bond shared between these two feels developed and mature, as if we are looking in at a chapter in their lives. There are moments early on when the two characters just sit and talk, drinking wine and discussing their hopes for the clinic. There is also a clear sexual interest between the two, more Sapphee as is the norm for this kind of show, but Glenn isn’t oblivious to it either. The rest of the cast are also well done, fairing far better than similar shows Peter Grill and Super HEXROES. Much of that can be credited to the monster girl effect, which helps make them stand out more than if they were just humans. Illy the harpy and Arahnia the spider are both cute and spunky, giving the series some great moments.

Glenn and Sapphee are great pair, and I hope their relationship keeps going in the Light Novels

Monster Girl Doctor isn’t the second season of Monster Musume I think many people were hoping, but the truth is, it never was meant to be. Instead we have another great entry into the ‘tune in, tune out” genre of anime that has a good world, interesting medical stories, and manages to be a little sexy, without going full overboard. Some may miss that, I know I did that times, but in a season where everything seems to be constantly going at an 11, Monster Girl Doctor is more than comfortable to cruise at a 6. If you like cute monster girls, and a peaceful slice of life, check this out.

I’ll take a prescription of that please.

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