Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo: Three Flavors Ice Cream

Its been awhile since we’ve gone down the hentai path, but this is a series that I have been wanting to talk about for a long time. I apologize for it taking so long but no longer. After the cut let’s dive into the hentai series Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo!

((Hentai post, so NSFW images right up ahead!))

Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate

Animated by the same studio that gave us Resort Boin, which still remains one of the most infamous and beloved hentai series. Kanojo is another series that is focused on only one thing, delivering damn good, and uncensored sex scenes. There is a plot of course, focused on the three sisters attempting to save their ice cream business, but it is only really window dressing to the real stuff, which is maximum spice.

Natsumi just wants her ice-cream business to succeed guys! That’s all!

The cast, as all hentai usually is, mostly one dimensional and bland, with each only having one real personality trait that sticks out. Though I would say that Mifuyu, with her teasing and sardonic personality is probably the most well rounded of the cast. This also does carry over to the sex scenes themselves though, and each of the three girls’ personalities carry over to how they behave in the sheets.

Mafuyu is the most take charge of the girls, and she is a bit of a jerk, but lovable.

The sex itself is again, more of what raises Resort Boin to the upper tiers of the hentai world. While it is not as jiggly, erotic or even romantic as Boin ends up being, Kanojo runs the usual playlist of scenes and events, with plenty of positions, locations, and foreplay that it keep things fresh. However when compared to its predecessor, Kanojo can often feel rather bland, especially when Boin’s kitchen sink approach worked wonders for it. Still this hentai has a lot going for it with everything being fully uncensored, and lovingly well animated. The girls never feel off model, and there isn’t any hint of cut corners or rush jobs that plague this genre way too often. It even has a English dub, and one that is kind of bearable! Take the wins where you get em!

Akina is the more romantic one, and her initial sex with Haru is a solid vanilla outing.

Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo, if judged without the shadow of Resort Boin hanging over it, is a absolutely stellar addition to the vanilla Hentai landscape. For a genre that is slowly being ebbed away by Hentai’s desire to either go freaky or indulgent, Kanojo reminds us going plain and boring can sometimes be the best, and one that you’ll keep (heh) coming back to. It’s well animated, well paced, and any thing that is fully uncensored always nails it a few extra points. If you are a man or woman of culture, you’ve probably heard of this series, and if not. Go give it a look and decides whether you want Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry.

Pick your flavor and drown in the pleasure!

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