Parallel Paradise Volumes 1 and 2: Sexsekai

I never thought I’d be typing out this blog post.

I mean that. Out of every piece of literature, out of everything that I have read and watched never, in my wildest dreams, did I think this would happen. When I saw the news that this series, would be getting an official English release, and that I could purchase it in a fucking bookstore, I thought I was getting pranked. A series that has been a part of this blog, and my headspace for two years now. My first collaboration post, and quite frankly, one of the best ecchi manga to ever exist.

After the cut, let’s take a dive into the OFFICAL English release volumes 1 and 2 of Parallel Paradise.

This is a NSFW series. Please read with discretion.

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Parallel Paradise is, as many ecchi are, a male power fantasy. Yet while later volumes do excellent work in shaving off that idea, and showing you the struggles and reality of just what a world like this would be, what it would do to people. The first two volumes are very much not that. That is, I think by design, as we need to see the false world set up by Youta and the readers expectations, before we start to pull off the veil. Thankfully what follows in these two volumes is rife with sexiness, interesting story, cute girls and a whole, WHOLE lot of fluids.

The payoff to this character is still being paid off, but holy FUCK is it good.

For the uncultured, Parallel Paradise follows the story of Youta Tada, a average run of the mill guy who, after being thrown out of a building by some mysterious figure, ends up in a new world, a world where he is the only man alive. After a chance encounter with the paladin girl Rumi, Youta discover that just his mere touch can send any girl into the throes of ecstasy. And when the dreaded secret of this world, that all the girls will end up dying if they don’t mate. It falls to Youta to mate with as many woman as he can, and hunt down the so called Deeply Jealous God who is behind everything.

The mysterious creatures that are attacking the girls resemble men, yet why is Youta the only real male on the planet?

Now that is quite a story, and thankfully Paradise, and author Lynn Okamoto pulls zero, and I mean ZERO punches in regards. It is a series that completely owns what it is, and isn’t ashamed about being a story this, about, and revolves around sex. While it does take until the second volume for this to happen, allowing Youta to adjust to the world and its rules, once it happens it is full on, and without any remorse. But the sex itself isn’t just nice to look at, and the way the girls react, and how much react offers a tantalizing glimpse into the future of the story. Do the girls really give off that much fluid because they are sexually repressed? Or is there a darker meaning behind it? Why do those mysterious creatures, complete with male parts, refuse to fight Youta? How exactly are the girls dying and why? And most importantly, just what is the Deeply Jealous God?

When the sex comes, Rumi and the other girls lose themselves that is both sexy, and suspicous.

None of those questions are answered here, but Paradise does an amazing job of being just more than a ecchi sex romp. The mystery is compelling and adds more with each pay. The art is simplistic, but effective, and it is very clear, even from these first two volumes that this series is going to be more than what you think it is. Youta may be living every man’s dream right now, but even the best dreams can turn into nightmares very, very quick.

Guys, when I first came across this series, I couldn’t put it down, and frankly I still can’t. Parallel Paradise is a sex filled thriller that takes you by both hands and refuses to let go. Seeing these first two volumes, officially translated into English is frankly unbelievable, but I am so happy for it. If you love ecchi, if you love sexy stories, and frankly if you want to sink your teeth into a great mystery, I highly suggest you pick up this series. Just have a rag with you, shit can get real wet.

There ain’t enough Febreeze in the world to get rid of the smell these girls give off.

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