Baka Dakedo: One Good Bastard

When it comes to hentai, there is little love lost for the ugly bastard tag. Seeing a hot anime girl getting absolutely railed by the ugliest and just plain vile slob on the planet is not what men and women of culture want. What is even worse is that so often, and more so in the recent years, all the really top-tier hentai seem to fall into this tag. I’m talking about the entries with amazing animation, wonderfully drawn girls and sex scenes that leave everything on the table. Even now people click on those new titles after seeing the great animation and are just praying that we won’t get bombarded by fat bastards from scene one. Yet, there is one series that not only is able to make it work, but also be surprisingly sweet and heart-warming. After the cut, let’s take a dive into the hentai series: Baka Dakedo.

Hentai post, so NSFW images right up ahead. Please read with discretion.

Ready to get smart?

Dakedo, very much like My Household’s Liliana-san, is another entry into the surprisingly popular “heartwarming hentai.” This is a genre that is becoming more popular, and for good reason. While everyone enjoys their Bible Blacks, sometimes you want to kick back and enjoy people who actually love each other, and for some real honest to god passion. Dakedo fills that role quite well. As all hentai go, the plot is rather simple, we follow our male lead, an overweight (thought not obese) young man who is brought on to help tutor his busty, sexy and promiscuous gal underclassmen, who strives to get to the top of the academic list in school. It doesn’t go well at first, but through hard work, our gal is only able to succeed, but succeed well. The only problem is that she has a boyfriend she’s crazy about, so instead of sex, she repays her tutor with everything but. While our male lead is content with this, knowing that he doesn’t have a chance with such a bombshell like her, it is only when he discovers her alone at the park, stood up by her date and realizing she was just a mistress, does he decide to make his move.

Chieri is absolutely drop dead fucking gorgeous, and the animation makes her stand out in everyway that counts.

Now that plot is nothing special, but the way it is shown, with the top-shelf animation is what really brings Dakedo over the edge. I’m a sucker for any good beauty and the beast type of story, and the chemistry between our two leads doesn’t remain just in the bedroom. Like with the overall plot of High School DxD and Issei’s journey to win the affections of the girls, Dakedo shows what happens when a decent, though unattractive man is given a chance by a hot girl. When we look past what we think is attractive, and find warmth and love in dedication, loyalty and trust. Now of course, this isn’t always how the world works, and Dakedo is clearly pandering to the wish fulfillment of its core audience, but that doesn’t change at all, that the relationship and intimate moments between the two leads feel really, really sweet.

The romance and bond between Chieri and our Kou is sexy, but also damn sweet.

Of course, this is a hentai so there are plenty of things being inserted into various holes, with lots of fluids, and what is on the menu Dakedo is absolutely top-notch. Our gal lead is absolutely drop dead gorgeous, and the sex scenes, while running the usual vanilla gambit, are painstakingly animated, and lovingly crafted. Everything bounces, everything jiggles, and seeing such a dark skinned beauty in her full glory is worth the price of admission alone. I’ve said this before, and will probably keep saying it, but in genre that is so famous for cutting corners, for having some of the worst, (and I mean just fucking awful) animation and drawings like, ever. It is always great to see what happens when an animation studio actually sits down and puts in effort. Even if you don’t care for the ugly bastard tag, this is one of the few hentai where you should grin and bare it, just for the stellar sex scenes.

Baka Dakedo is the one good ugly bastard hentai I can recommend. With top tier animation and a story that will make you go “aww” as much as you go “ohhh” it is another entry into a genre that hentai really should do more of. If you want to dive into peak culture, but also feel warm and fuzzy while you do it, then give this hentai a look. Even the most cringe of tags has a good one.

Pour one out for the boy, at least he got his win!

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