Valkyrie Drive Mermaid: Babes, Blades, and Boobs

This show has been on my backburner for awhile now. I had always intended to watch it, but I just couldn’t find the time. Now though, I’m so glad I did, because this show reminds me what happens when Ecchi hits its homers. After the cut let’s take a dive into Valkyrie Drive Mermaid.

The three Bs I need.

Mermaid, for the most part, is fucking superb.

I’ve said this before, but Ecchi often has a worse track record than most when it comes to their shows. The entire genre seems to operate on a ‘feast or famine’ approach. Either the shows are bloody fantastic, or they are horribly dull. The fanservice is either fucking top shelf, or non-existent or rubbishly presented. Mermaid is very much in that top category, and everything about the show is ecchi once again showing their A-game.

The story follows a colony of girls on a remote island called Mermaid. With all of them inflicted by a mysterious A-virus, the girls are divided into either Extars or Liberators, where the former can transform themselves into weapons, who are then wielded by the latter. The catch is that Extars can only transform when they are sexually aroused, and on an island of only women… Well you can see where this is going…

Lesbians, lesbians everywhere.

Straight up, the fanservice on display in Mermaid is some of the best in the genre, full stop. I’ve gushed about this series before, but seeing it on the big screen (not on a pornhub complication) makes it even better. All of the girls are gorgeous, and the love and effort put into all of their designs and body is absolutely top notch. There is a reason why the credits list a ‘special breast animator’ for this show, as there is more attention paid to nipples and boobs than anything I’ve seen, including hentai. That is important, because Mermaid is a complete tidal wave of total titillation. If you like Yuri, and you like boobs, then this show is going to tickle that fancy and then some. The short animations that follow after the series is completed also crank that lever up even more, going right up to the line of what they could actually, even if what is the main anime is already top tier.

Attack on (Tit)an

But still, and this is surprisingly. The show’s story and characters are well done and engaging. I found myself many times invested in the world and the fate of these girls, who find themselves in a strange version of Lord of the Flies. Questions like where the virus came from, why it is only targeting girls, and how they are coping were in my mind from start to finish. And while Mermaid doesn’t go deep into these things, they are still present, and it is clear that despite the lesbian paradise some viewers may see it as, the girls really just want to go home and back to their lives. I was glad that lip-service was paid to actually telling a real story, despite the show being fully focused on its BPM (Boobs per minute).

You like them big? small? Mermaid’s got it all!

However, and in terms of fairness. I will say that Mermaid does start to stumble over itself in the final few episodes. A common problem with some shows is that they often like to get ahead of themselves, to get too big when the scale was kept small before. Mermaid again falls into that trap, with an action packed climax that, while works for the story, feels rather out of place with the low-key fights that had been happening in episodes previous. By the time series leads Mirei and Mamori reach their final form, I thought I was watching a completely different show. Not a deal-breaker by any means, but it remains a fault in a show that was batting 100 until then.

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid is top tier ecchi, and reminds me of the early-mid 2010s where the genre was at its zenith. With some of the best fanservice around, a decently told story and great production values, including a kick-ass opening theme. Mermaid is an ecchi classic that already is one of my go-to recommendations for PLOT-heavy entries. If you love ecchi, and your a proud man or woman of culture, then this is a show you CANNOT miss out on. It’s one of the greats, no boobs about it.

And who doesn’t love Lady/Lady

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