Parallel Paradise Volume 3: Bone Trip

Our look at the manga series Parallel Paradise continues! The next volume is hot off the presses, and I wasted no time getting my hands on it. The fact alone that I can purchase this series from a bookstore is still amazing, but that’s a topic for another day. Regardless, we have some stuff to get into, so join me after the cut as we dive into the third volume of Parallel Paradise!

(NSFW images up ahead. Please read with discretion.)

Grasp it tight

One thing that surprised me when reading the first two volumes was how much time it took for Paradise to get to all the sex. While it is present in the second volume, it is completely absent from the first, with only some heavy foreplay. I think this was the right choice to make, it allows Paradise to establish its world, characters, and premise without pulling attention away from it. This will be an important thing for the long-term health of the series, because in all honestly, once the initial thrill of “omg sex, butts, boobs!” wears off, Paradise wouldn’t have much left if its story isn’t good.

Thankfully, Paradise steps up in that role, and the mystery of the world Yota is in, and the fate of the girl becomes more compelling. Reading this series again, with the official English translation, not ripped from questionable online scans has been a great experience. In this volume we see the fate that awaits the girls when they reach their ‘last moon’ and it is just as brutal and sad as you expect. Even worse is how use to it Rumi and the rest of the girls are. They have lived their entire lives with the expectation that none of them live past twenty, and they treat the death of a close friend as just something expected. It really helps drive home the cruel world these girls and in, and only hardens Yota’s resolve to save them, one sex romp at a time.

Lilia not getting the sex mark is an interesting development. What does it mean?

And boy oh boy does the sex come (heh) into full force here. While there is plenty of story in this third volume, there is also enough sex to shake a stick out. From Lilia finally getting her due (and not getting one of the marks the other girls have) to the rest of the quintet engaging in a full-on orgy, Paradise fully embraces the lewd side of its story. The art has always been stellar, but the sheer volume of fluids on display here range from insane to just plain impossible, and this is someone who reviews hentai here. What I also liked seeing was how quickly Yota has adjusted to his reality, and while he is still enjoying the fact that he can turn any girl into his full-on sex-slave, there are already hints at how desensitized it is starting to make him. When he and Rumi decide to head to Reel Town to chase a lead on the Jealous god, you can already see him just treating constantly bedding Rumi as like giving her medicine. 

The fuck-fest will only get more intense.

Furthermore, it is scenes like this that get my theorizing mind going. While I am current with the series right now, we still have no idea what is going on with this world. Personally, I think that Rumi and the other marked girls aren’t human at all, instead they are some sort of lab grown sex dolls. That they were built to either help with procreation, or from the mind of some deranged pervert. It would explain while all the girls die when they hit twenty, or just how over-the-top obsessed they are at a man’s touch. I don’t know if that is going to be the case, but it is an interesting theory. And frankly that is Parallel Paradise’s greatest strength. It can weave in a very compelling mystery and balance it out with plain raw sex, and make it work. I find myself engrossed with every page, and so invested in what the truth is behind everything. Even on this second read-through I find myself paying attention to every line of dialogue, trying to pull out hints and ideas that Lynn Okamoto might have laid. It may be all for now, it may just be smoke up the ass, but if I’m getting this engrossed in what is soft-core porn, then clearly this series is doing something right.

The indifference the girls attempt to show and how often people die really drive home the horror of the world.

Parallel Paradise Volume 3 is another stellar entry into the series, ending the first arc and moving into the second where already questions are being answered with even more questions. As we move to Reel town, I can assure you that things are only going to get more intense, more compelling, more shocking, and yes, a lot sexier. It is only a shame that we must wait another month and a half for the next volume, but I can assure you, this series is worth the wait. If you aren’t reading already, and you enjoy some good culture, check this series out now.

I have fucked a hundred miles, and I will fuck a hundred more.

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