Don’t @ Me: Eight of my Anime Opinions: Dewbond talks about the stuff he bought/wants to buy edition.

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for this little shindig. Welcome to Don’t @ Me, the place where, like the extreme levels of discomfort I felt at watching the third Berserk movie, I’m here to offer you the devil’s deal with my opinions on anime, manga and the like. I took last week off to celebrate best girl Koneko’s birthday, but this week has no such event. Let’s get into it after the cut.

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1.  I forgot just how uncomfortable the Eclipse is in the third Berserk movie. Say what you want about the production values and use of CGI, the cast and crew really delivered when it came to driving home how fucked up that scene was.

2. I picked up the ultimate ultra-collector’s edition of Gundam Seed and I’ve started to jump into it. The new dub is remarkably solid, like even better than the previous, which was already good for something in the early 2000s. I look forward to sharing my thoughts arc by arc soon!

3. I also purchased the next four volumes of How NOT to summon a Demon Lord and MAN have they reduce the page count. The volumes are almost tiny, barely scraping 170 pages. Still getting lewder each time though, so bring it on.

4. AND I purchased the first light novel volume of High School DxD, something I was going to wait on until a bunch where published, but they are doing these at a snail’s pace, so yes. Also, I want to support this official release, gotta make season 5 happen baby!

5. Really tempted to pull the trigger on the blu-ray set of The Garden of Sinners, but I know the moment I do, it will get re-released as a better edition and cheaper. I know my luck, but it’s a good series that I wanna watch again, and review it properly, not slap a bunch of Jontron clips together. Even though I loved those posts.

6. Look, I wasn’t one of those people who got their knickers in a twist over the revelation that the creator of The Journey of Elaina specifically requested that the anime production team refrain from showing any panty shots. That to me was the most reasonable thing, he didn’t want it in there, he wanted the show to be enjoyed by all ages. I understood that and even respected it BECAUSE he was up front with it.

7. BUT, that’s kinda hard to swallow after the antics of the previous episode. I mean shit was dark before, but nothing on this level. This was full on just eerie. I mean, yeah, there is a clear difference between violence and the lewding of anime girls, but I don’t know, kind of feels a little strange. Still a great show though. Elaina is no Maple, but she’s on the best girl list for sure.

8. I should buy Hensuki, I fucking love that series.

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