The Quintessential Quintuplets Volume 3: Bunnywalker

Our look at the manga series The Quintessential Quintuplets continue! So far, the series has been a good read, with the story rapidly evolving beyond the initial premise of the show. This time though, the series will steer itself back to that basic idea with the girls facing up against their biggest foe yet: The mid-terms? How does it all end up? Let’s find out after the cut as we tackle the third volume of The Quintessential Quintuplets!

The Quintessential Quintuplets 3: Haruba, Negi: Books

Now I was serious when I said that the initial premise of the series has changed, even this early in the manga’s fifteen volume run. While the idea of having Fuutaro tutoring the girls to get them to graduate, the last volume and even a bit of the first have taken a bigger picture to the story. Like I said last time, (and what I’m going to be saying until the end probably), the story is more about how the Nakano sisters react to this outside force coming in and changing their lives. Coupled with the onset of puberty and the teenage angst everyone goes through, the girls are rightly more focused on Fuutaro himself, than his attempts to get them to hit the books.

Still and thankfully so, Quintuplets doesn’t forget it’s basic idea, and the first half of this volume handles the girls attempting their first midterm. From classic harem antics making them late to the test, to having the quints using Yotsuba’s bunny ribbon to sneak past the guards, the series can bring things back to the idea of the tests and getting the girls to pass quite well. Even better is having Fuutaro put on the hot seat, where the Nakano sister’s father says he’ll fire him if any of the girls fail a test. And when that ends up happening, it is only the actions of Nino, who manages to save Fuutaro his job. It’s a good story all around, and the seriousness that our main lead takes his job is admirable, bluntly saying to the girl’s father that he failed, and he should hire someone better. Better still, having the girls work to keep Fuutaro arounds shows the viewer that the Nakano sisters’ value him for more than this brain, even if ones like Itsuki and Nino refuse to admit it.

The Quintessential Quintuplets, Vol.3 Chapter 22 The Binding Legend - The  Quintessential Quintuplets Manga Online
Yotsuba and Fuutaro jokng around is always good comedy.

The second half of the volume concerns itself with the lead-up to the ski trip, which is where the first anime season ended. This will be an important moment in the series, as it shows how the girls are quickly moving to stake their claim on Fuutaro, as well as giving more chance for each of the sisters to develop. The buildup in this volume mostly deals with Fuutaro’s sister Raiha getting sick, and him deciding to hang back on the trip. That devotion to his family and his sister strikes a chord with the girls, and they once again swoop in to save him. It’s nothing special in the grand scheme of things, but I do appreciate the time Quintuplets takes in letting their male lead stand out. Harem anime have always struggled with their male lead, often being a glorified extra in lew of the girls dominating the story. Quintuplets doesn’t change that much, but it does put in enough effort to have it noticed.

The third volume of The Quintessential Quintuplets is another solid outing, though I will admit not enjoying this one as much as the last. There is good development, a joke that made me laugh out loud, but it also felt like a bridge volume to get to the ski trip. That was to be expected, and I knew that when I decided to review this series volume by volume, that there would be a clunker here and there. Thankfully, Quintuplet’s clunker volumes are still great, and the rate of P.P.C (Pouts Per Chapter) has yet to let me down. Plus the expression of Fuutaro with the bunny ears trying to sneak into the school made me laugh out loud. Let’s hope the ski trip manages to keep the good times going.

The Quintessential Quintuplets Vol. 3 - Comics by comiXology
Always the pouts, always.

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