Don’t @ Me: Seven of my Anime Opinions: La-coose Edition

It’s Monday, I got ‘Toss a Coin to your Witcher” stuck in my head, and it’ll probably not leave anytime soon. Welcome back to Don’t @ Me, the place where I dish out my thoughts and views on anime and the like. This week I’m going to do just that, and talk about a bunch of shit. Let’s get into it after the cut.

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You know what else isn’t for sale? This bullshit over the new name.

1. Code Geass has recently revealed a new anime series called Z of the Recapture. Not much is known about it, but hopefully it’ll end up being decent. Anime sequel series don’t have a great track record, and the recent Lelouch of the Resurrection seemed to wrap things up pretty decently. But hey, if we get more of Kallen topless and other fanservice, i’m all for it. And I’m sure Pizza Hut is fucking thrilled.

2. Jobless Reincarnation, one of the OG web novel Isekai is on track for a January release. Really excited about this, and for sure on my watch list. I do hope the series doesn’t shy away from the sex and fanservice.

3. Attack on Titan has just started it’s four and final season, which means two things. Anime fandom is going to be shitting their pants, and two: Eren Yeager might actually win the Eren Yeager award for worst male character two years in a war! He’s the champ for the reason. (seriously, fuck Eren)

4. I probably should have called it the “Shinn Asuka” award, but eh…at least Attack on Titan is good.

5. Speaking of which, the new Gundam Seed dub, which is by all accounts a pretty damn good one, calls Lacus ‘La-coose’, and you better believe I was yelling at the screen last night. LIke why? Why? WHY!!!!!!

6. Going to be tossing up a new housekeeping post probably next week, to talk about what’s happening in the future. No big news, but I burned through a lot of what I had on schedule early, so I want to re-adjust and see where things are.

7. One such goal is to try and start watching the Monogatari series again. I just wasn’t in the mood the last time I watched it, thinking it was trying too hard to be clever, and frankly I was wishing that the Bunny Girl senpai movie hadn’t sucked so much. Perhaps fresh eyes will change my mind.

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