Noblesse: Where Good turns out to be Great!

Out of everything I’ve watched in 2020. This is the anime that was the most surprising one of them all. Not because it was some fantastic work, but because it was completely confident in just being ‘good enough.” And considering how the other Webtoons ended up… Either way, after the cut let’s take a dive into the anime series Noblesse!

Hot anime boys making girls panties drop faster than it takes Ramen to cool.

2020 was many things, but it was also the time where many people thought that Webtoons, online Korean manga (or manhwa) would take the anime world by storm. With some high profile adaptations in the popular Tower of God, and the well received The God of High School, things seemed all aligned for Webtoons to take the stage. Some youtubers, as they tend to do, overhyped them saying such things were going to “change the game.”

The result? A big fat “Nah”.

Tower of God was the best animated and a had a good story brimming of potential, but was hampered by its twelve episodes feeling mostly like set-up for a future second season (that we have no news on it actually happening). The God of High School, despite a very strong pilot soon crapped itself and ended up one of the worst anime of the year. That left Noblesse, the webtoon anime that no one had paid any attention to. It turns that that it was the best of the three, despite being completely and totally average.

Noblesse Episode 9: Release Date, Where To Watch, And Recap!
Frankenstein is probably the most developed of the cast, though it isn’t saying much when it comes to this show. Cool ass sword though.

Let me be clear. There is nothing special about Noblesse. It’s story of the quiet, fish out of water Vampire prince (or noble, whatever) going to school and finding friends is a story not new to anime. Everything I saw in these twelve episodes has been done before, done better, but also done worse. Yet the fact that Noblesse had no hype behind it, that it wasn’t being put on a pedestal of unrealistic expectations, or claimed that it would change anime forever, it was allowed to do something neither Tower of God, or The God of High School was able to do: just be itself. The result is an enjoyable and fun story that doesn’t take itself too seriously and doesn’t try to be something it isn’t. And that was actually extremely refreshing for this year in anime where several shows (ReZero) demanded your absolute focus.

The action scenes are nothing to scoff at, and Raizel throws down as good as anyone.

If there is one thing that stands out the most though, it is the relationships between the central cast. While nothing special in terms of the grand scale, the brotherhood shown by Raizel, Frankenstein, M24 and the rest of the gang feels real and genuine. They are all outcasts, rejected by society for one reason or another, and found themselves bounded together through loyalty, respect, or mercy. The episodes when it was just the main cast goofing around playing basketball, eaten Ramen or sniping at each other were the best parts. I’ve always been a sucker for stories about brotherhood and male friendship, and Noblesse tickles that itch well. Even Seira, the lone female among the group feels like she’s part of ‘the guys’ and doesn’t end up sticking out like some girls in a male dominated show often do.

Immortal Basketball | Noblesse - YouTube
When the boys are just hanging out being boys, Noblesse is at its best, and the depiction of brotherhood is damn strong.

Noblesse isn’t anything special. It’s a disposable little action anime that will probably be forgotten the moment you stop watching it. However it is the strongest of the three Webtoon anime we got, simply because it doesn’t try to rewrite the book. There is an old saying that people need to “walk before they can run” and Noblesse fits that to a T. By taking things slow, playing with familiar ideas, and not trying anything too ambitious, it doesn’t fall flat on its face, or feel like it’s hyping up something that will never come. Some viewers will not like that, and that’s totally fine. However there is great comfort in watching a show that is confident and happy in what it is. And that makes ‘good’ actually turn out to be ‘great’.

Otaku Network: Noblesse: Awakening
Screw Kirito and Asuna, THIS is the best couple of 2020.

One thought on “Noblesse: Where Good turns out to be Great!

  1. I don’t watch much seasonal anime. I usually pick out three or four and attempt to keep up but end up dropping them in favor of bingeing. Nobelesse kept me watching all season. More so – it kept my hubby – who is not that much of an anime fan – happily watching all season long, and hoping there’s another season. It had us rooting for the good guys, and laughing at the goofy shit. Of course, the boys are pretty, and that never hurt anything. Not everything has to be epic. Sometimes it’s just great to be enjoyable 😀 Perfect review of this series.

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