Rance: The Quest for Hikari: For he is the Chad, Layer of Girls.

It’s a new year, which means we have to ring in 2021 the only way I know how. Last year we dove into the infamous hentai series Emergence. This time we are talking about another famous hentai, the animated adaptation of a famous video game series, t it’s the one, the only Rance: The Quest for Hikari!

((Hentai post, so NSFW images after the cut. Please read with discretion!))

Saving the girl, one pussy at a time.

Rance is a story that ask one very simple, but every interesting question: What if Kazuma from Konosuba was a complete fucking chad?

That is in essence what the titular character of The Quest for Hikari is. In all of the hentai I’ve watched (for the blog, I assure you!) there has never been a character quite like Rance. He very much is a more perverted, more capable and far more dicking version of Konosuba’s Kazuma. He’s the kind of character who is a complete asshole, a sleazebag, a two-timer, a greedy jerk, but he is also the character who has the skill to back it up. So when our hero is tasked with finding the captures Hikari, a young woman who has gone missing, Rance jumps at the chance to make quick buck, and get inside as many willing girls as possible.

Rance is a fucking asshole, in terms of this kind of hentai, he’s a straight up gentlemen.

The result is The Quest for Hikari being a 4 episode high octane, adventured fueled fuck-fest. Where Rance, along with his trusty slave-girl Sill, go around the town in an attempt to track down Hikari, along the way they meet several girls, most of whom submit themselves to Rance and his glorious member. When he’s not trying to get into the pants of every girl he comes across, he uses Sill to help relieve his stress, and since this is hentai you know how that ends up going. The girls themselves run the gambit of what you expect in a hentai, you have the girl next door who is a massive pervert, the lonely guard who has never had sex, the powerful warrior who just wants to feel like a woman, and the bratty princess who needs a spanking as much as she needs a good dick. Out of all of them, I would have to say the scene with the warrior Yulang Mirage, which thanks to the stellar animation is quite a sight to be hold.

Sill has many roles, spy, student, slave, but most important of all: cum dumpster.

And on that point, what is most striking about The Quest for Hikari though, is just how amazing it looks. As I’ve said countless times, hentai is not the place you go for cutting edge animation. It’s a place notorious for cutting corners and doing the bare minimum to get ‘the point’ across. However every now and then a series will come along that just blows everyone way. The Quest for Hikari is that is one of the purest forms of Hentai Sakuga that may exist. Studio Seven and producer Pink Pineapple, no strange to putting money on the table with shows like Liliana-san or Shikkou no Shaga, brings their A-game here and it shows. Everything is (for a hentai) incredibly well animated, with all of the sex scenes having so many moving parts that it is both compelling and comedic to watch. I mentioned in my Liliana-san review of Pink Pineapple using ‘jello physics’ when it comes to their sex scenes, and Rance brings it full force here. Everything bounces, everything moves, and girls are held in ways that I didn’t think was possible even in this industry. If anything this hentai is worth watching alone just to see the animation which really shows you just how amazing it can be when money is actually spent.

There is more animation and effort put into this looping gif than anything Queen Bee has done like, ever.

I feel like I’ve only skimmed the surface of this series, as it has been a long running RPG series since the early 1990s. I don’t know if I will ever play them, but if they are anything like this hentai, then I might just be tempted. Rance: The Quest for Hikari is a damn good hentai, full of humor and some of the best sex scenes in the industry. If you dabble in the world of hentai and culture, you will see many similar characters, but you will probably never see another one like Rance himself. A smart-ass, a sex crazed fiend, but also a guy with a sense of right and wrong, he truly is the chad-Kazuma. So check it out for yourself and see what you think!

Quest completes, bitches laid, on to next quest!

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