Don’t @ Me: Nine of my Anime Opinions: Baby Mama Edition

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for this once again. Welcome to Don’t @ Me the place where, like how Sesshomaru does to the mother of his twins. I pick up my kids and peace out with some of my thoughts, views and feelings regarding the anime industry. Last week was advice, this week is just more general shit. Let’s get into it.

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Hey, at least the mom is alive.

1. So Yashahime’s latest episode came out and confirmed what everyone already fucking thought. That Rin was the mother of Sesshomaru’s children. Some people are very shocked and upset about this, and I have to ask. What were you expecting?

2. Like, I don’t follow Inuyasha anymore, but I remember the plot pretty well. There was NO other female character in the story who had any passing interesting in Sesshomaru, and the only other alternative, Kagura, is fucking dead, or the wind, whatever. It was always gonna be Rin, because if they just created some random new character to be the mother, fans would be even more pissed.

3. Like, I get why Rin (who is probably what..16, 17 when she gives birth) might raise some eyebrows. But I can’t be bothered to care. It was feudal times, that shit was pretty common, and the fairy tale nature of Inuyasha makes thing make more sense. Don’t get angry when you order chocolate milk and then get chocolate milk.

4. Also, we’ve had a few of these now, but has any of these years-later sequels/reboots to popular series really worked? Yashahime’s reception has been mixed, Boruto is spinning its wheels, Clear Card was bland, and Dragon Ball Super had a handful of good moments baked in between a whole lot of ‘meh.’ None of them seem to have really taken off, and have just left fans disappointed.

5. I think part of that is BECAUSE these sequels happen years, even decades later. Nothing a single studio or writer could create would ever live up to the expectations die-hard fans spent years thinking of. Everyone always has an idea of ‘what happens later’ but when something comes to give an official reason, it almost never goes over well.

6. Jobless Reincarnation not running away from its ecchier aspects has been an absolute joy to watch. I’ve always said that anime needs to have more sex on it (not fanservice sex mind you, but that’s always great), and this is a great example why.

7. I tip my hat to the Crunchyroll Anime Awards for actually being well thought out and balanced. Mostly because they didn’t nominate Attack on Titan (no, you don’t get to win Anime of the Year if you only have a handful of episodes that air in the last few weeks of 2020, I don’t care how hype you are). I mean, Keep your Hands off Eizouken! will probably end up winning, because critics are going to critic. (And look, it was a good show, but the verbal fellatio people gave it was just too much), but everything else seems pretty well balanced. I’ll note that no second season of popular anime made the list, so it’s a fair shot all around.

8. But not giving Echidna a best girl nomination? Really? I mean, REALLY?

9. A buddy of mine just watched Chivalry of a Failed Knight and walked out with the EXACT same thoughts about it as I did: Amazing romance plot that respects your time, but a main character who tries to have it both ways. Can I see I feel VINDICATED!!!!!!

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