I heard you like lists: Five anime ideas that I’d think would be cool.

As I’ve said before, the best thing about anime, one of its (many) secret sauces, is the ability to take any idea or concept and make it compelling. Yes there are many clunkers, but when an anime hits it right, it can really hit it right. How many thought a series about working at a burger place would be compelling? The Devil is a Part Timer says yes. An anime about girls fighting with their boobs and butts? Keijo!! says hi. A story about one dude being a bartender? Look no further than Bartender. And the list goes on. But there are some ideas that I think would be really cool that (to my knowledge) haven’t been done yet. After the cut, let’s take a look at five of my own ideas!

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  1. An anime about Poker (and just poker)

I loved Kakegurui, and it’s gamble of the week kept things interesting (if you enjoyed that premise), but I think anime could make a really good show just about poker. It lends itself so well to the over-the-top expressions, bullshit powers, and hilarious character archetypes. Hell you could just do Kakeguri again: load the series up with hot girls and have them make the most ridiculous faces of all time. I think it would be a great story, and this is coming from someone who hates sports anime.

2. An anime about the Japanese Government.

Did you ever watch Yes Minister? It was an old British comedy about government workers. It was a great show, and I think anime could do something like that too. I mean who wouldn’t want to at least check out a show called “Our Prime Minister can’t possibly be this cute?!” It doesn’t even need to be a comedy. You could do something ala The West Wing. I’d love to see something about the day to day minutia about the Japanese’s government

3. A romance Story, but after the confession or marriage.

Most romance anime or manga end when the couple either become a couple, or they get married. Few stories really take things being once ‘the mission’ has been accomplished. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a show about what happens after that? Once all the joy, short term euphoria, and ‘the hunt’ is over? How would the couple actually function? Would feelings change? Would dreams or goals pull them in different directions? Or would they just get bored? Make it a comedy, or a drama. I think it would warrant an interesting watch!

4. A anime about High School (and just High School)

There is a reason that high school is used so often as a setting. It just checks so many boxes. But is there an anime just about high school? The journey through the grades, the ups and downs of puberty, the thoughts about the future, or perhaps the neglect? I think that would be a cool idea, watching several students just grow up through those high school years. No super natural elements, no central love story, just a walk through life.

5. A horror anthology

I loved Higurashi’s first season, and one of the reasons was because it decided to take an almost episodic approach to its horror. Things constantly changed despite being in the same setting, which meant things were always fresh. You never knew what you were going to get. I think a general horror show would be great for anime. Set it in a town, have rotating cast of characters, load up on the gore and blood, and just go wild. If it has good animation, I think it would be a real hit.

Those are my ideas. I’d love to see what my fellow anime bloggers would think of. Consider this a little sharing spree! CrowIrinaLynnScottYomu , Jon Spenceriniksbane and infinitezenith. What shows or ideas would you like to see anime tackle?

13 thoughts on “I heard you like lists: Five anime ideas that I’d think would be cool.

  1. 1 and 5 sound good to me.

    Thing about just regular high school is that the experience varies depending on who you follow, cause some kids are more social / involved than others. Maybe if the anime sort of bounced around or something, but even then most of school isnt that exciting, just sitting at a desk and listening or taking notes.

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  2. 1 and 2 sound really good to me! 1 generally sounds like something that would be fun to watch especially by watching the characters play mind games with each other, though I wasn’t personally a big fan of kakegurui. 2 is just a fresh idea that I’d be really interested in watching a few episodes, just for the rare premise.

    As for 3, it’s not an anime, but there’s a manga called ‘Tsubaki-chou lonely planet’ that is about 70 chapters long and the main couple begins to go out relatively early on and you get to see them go past beyond the confession point of the relationship, so maybe you’d be interested in checking that out.

    Really interesting post and read!

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  3. I could go for 1-3. As a Chihayafuru fan, I know that card based tournament anime work already in a good way. I would be interested to see a card based anime in a language that I know and rules I understand.

    Shin Godzilla has opened me up to seeing how japanese bureaucracy works, so I can see some interesting things happening from a one cour series or longer.

    Also, we need more married romance shows. Just a reminder that happy couples are adorable.

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  4. So there are a lot of shows about the relationship after the first kiss. Most of them are shoujo shows, Nodame Contabile immediately comes to mind. But there’s also Paradise Kiss and Bokura ga ita come to mind. It’s really more of a shounen thing to have the show end at the beginning of the relationship.

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  5. For #3… You could check out “My Love Story”, which is more or less exactly what you wished for. There’s also “Tonikawa: Over the Moon”.

    Seiren is a conventionally structured romance anime, but each of the three segments ends with a “and here’s how it looks ten years later” epilogue. The latter half of Tsuki ga Kirei is also post-confession.


  6. Aside from the already-mentioned Ore Monogatari for the romance one, Wandering Son is the closest anime I can think of that’s about high school, although it’s also about the troubles of trans people.

    I think at one point I remember seeing – in one of my Japanese classes, shock horror (!!!) – a picture of Kirino (from Oreimo) which was meant to convince all the otaku (…the ones who like that stuff) to vote. That’s one possible approach they could take. The Japanese government itself is a particularly defensive entity about itself, as you can probably tell from all the legal powderkegs it keeps creating regarding copyright, parody and the like, and so trying to get an anime about such a thing, or even adapting…say, Ride On King (a manga with an obvious parody of Vladimir Putin isekai-ed to a fantasy world so he can ride fantasy creatures) would be…rather troublesome…

    Yami Shibai + its associated anime Ninja Collection, from the AniList tags, is an episodic horror anthology, as is Kowabon.


  7. I like all five of your ideas.

    #2, strangely enough, is really interesting. Sort of like Servant x Servant, but at a federal level. After seeing Gate’s Diet episode, I’d like to see some more.

    Though I can’t think of anything to top “Our Prime Minister can’t possibly be this cute?!”…

    Instead of an anime about high school (#4), how about an anime about college? One of the thing that really appealed to me about Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! was that it was about folks in college — as in, folks about 18! That alone would be worth the price of admission.

    Since anime can make anything into cute girls, maybe an anime that would do for computer security what Cells at Work did for biology. I think there’s potential drama in electrons guarding the firewall and defending against attackers — who wreak havoc if they break through the perimeter!

    A firewall deny rule might look like Nikki from Dr. Stone Season 2!

    Rather limited appeal, though.

    I think there’s a big opportunity in urban fantasy. Midnight Civil Servants did a lot with a small budget, and there’re a lot of different angles to pursue. I guess Otherside Picnic is this season’s entry.

    Office work also has a lot of potential. Servant x Servant, while focusing on a local government office, still had a lot of interesting office-based humor. Maybe the series could focus a multi-national’s skunk works project to build a starship or something.

    Your idea about a post confession/marriage romance has merit. But instead of making it slice of life, go big. Think Steins;Gate, but take the perspective of the timeless relationship between Okabe and Mayuri Shiina. Just after their happy marriage, just as they’re trying to start their life together, something tears them apart. Puts them into separate universes, different solar systems, something. The story could be about their fight to get back together. Throw in some magic, plucky mascots, a fleet of starships or two, and maybe waring ancient races, and it could be fun.

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