Quick Thoughts on The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Announcement: Wow!

This news is red-hot off the presses, but I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to discuss it. Shocking pretty much everyone, it is has been revealed that the classic The Devil is a Part-Timer, eight years after it’s initial run, is returning for a second season!

This is frankly shocking, but amazing news. The Devil is a Part Timer is an isekai classic, with a great cast, great humor, and one of Funimation’s most excellent dubs. (Josh Grelle as Maou remains one of his best performances.) We may forget that anime are often seen as ads for light novels, and since Part-Timer ended last year (with an conclusion that has rankled some fans), plus the eight year gap between seasons, it was pretty much thought that a season 2 would never happen, yet here we are.

No news other than that, and we’ll have to see how a trailer and studio pan out, but I’m thrilled about this. Part-Timer is great, and this is another example of the anime industry slowing becoming willing to continue popular light novel series. That can mean only good things for shows like High School DxD, or (we can only pray) No Game No Life. Still, it’s great to see such a beloved anime get a second bite at the apple, and you can be sure that when it comes out in the future, I’ll be watching it!


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