Redo of Healer: Confident, Courageous, and Full of Fluids

The most controversial anime of winter 2021 didn’t end up being the case, mostly because people care more about bad looking CGI titans, or a character who is clearly at the start of a long journey of redemption. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss this series, so after the cut let’s take a dive into Redo of Healer.

My thoughts on episode 2 of the series are right here.

Fight Fire with Fire

When it came down to it, I, like probably many people who were going to watch this show, were doing it mostly to bear witness to the freak out that members of ‘the discourse’ would have on it. Now you can’t blame people for thinking that, in the last few years we’ve seen people get riled up over a single scene in Goblin Slayer, get upset over a plot point in Rising of the Shield Hero, and lose their absolute shit at a short-stack college girl with big boobs. So when Redo, with it’s premise and promise of no holds-barred when it came to the content, many people were expecting people to fall over themselves in outrage.

Turns out, that never happened. Whether it was because Funimation and Crunchyroll cut their losses and decided not to air it, Attack on Titan was just that popular, Jobless Reincarnation heroically took the bullet, or the ‘discourse’ realized their pearl-clutching was exactly what some viewers wanted. People mostly steered clear of the show and Redo of Healer was able to somehow magoo its way through its seasonal run and come out unscathed. I won’t lie that I was a tiny bit disappointed about that, but I am also glad it wasn’t crucified for what I do believe is a great level of courage and confidence, even if the show was kinda ‘meh’.

I’ve never thought I’d say it, but there might be a thing as ‘too many threesomes!’

Now when I say ‘meh’, I don’t mean the fanservice. That was always up front and in your face, and Redo was never shy about showing boobs, butts and everything in between. I won’t repeat my thoughts on the jaw-dropping ‘holy-shit’ second episode, but what I can say is that this was a case of the show blowing its load (heh) in its opening and then pretty much coasting for the rest. The remaining 10 or so episodes of the series, with the exception of the excellent season finale, are pretty much the same thing over and over again. Our revenge-obsessed hero Keyaru goes to a new town, sets himself up, dishes out some cruel justice, and then proceeds to engage in a threesome with his ever-growing group of girls he’s either won to his side, or brainwashed into becoming his cum dumpsters. That’s pretty much the entire series, and while that is enjoyable at the beginning, it does get stale after the third or fourth time. Even so much that the author of the series made a comment that he wished the sex scenes (which were anime only) had more variety and spice. Something I have to agree with. Because look, this was a show no one was really watching for its gripping plot or themes. While I do find its concepts of fighting cruelty with greater cruelty interesting and I do want to see if this quest blows up in Keyaru’s face. This wasn’t an anime that had me on the edge of my seat each week. 

The final torture scene is a great capstone to the series.

But regardless, like I said at the top. This is a show that displays a lot of courage and confidence in itself. Whatever you may think of the content, Redo of Healer was a show that knew exactly what it was, and delivered that to the best of its ability. There were no cut corners, no tasteful edits, and no trying to hide what it is. Redo of Healer is a show about a man, after being beaten, abused and raped, decides to do the same thing to those people, and the art and animation go above and beyond in showing that. Both the second and last episodes remain some of the most jaw-dropping and intense things I’ve seen outside of hentai, and puts many of the ecchi of the previous decade to shame. If the lasting legacy of this anime is that it shows studios there is a market for more sexual and hentai-like shows, then that can only be good for the ecchi genre. Shows like HybridxHeart, Shinmai Maou no Testament and Parallel Paradise are ripe for bites at the apple, and I hope that this is opening the door to that possibility.

With over 3000 blu-rays sold, an overall positive reception, and a surprising (and sizable) female viewership, the future looks bright for Redo of Healer. While I won’t say a second season is a sure thing, the show has left the stage in a far stronger position than many of us thought. Like I said in my review of Jujutsu Kaisen and the onset of a Shonen Renaissance, we very well may also be entering a new era of ecchi anime. Success like this show and Interspecies Reviewers show there is a market, and if the up and coming World’s End Harem gets eyes on it, then we very well might be in a new age. I enjoyed my time with Redo of Healer, I respect its courage and honesty in what it is, even if it is a show about bad people doing bad things to other bad people. If you are curious about the show, give it a looksie, but make sure you look for the uncensored version, and then hold onto your socks.

Collect em all, fuck em all.

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