Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: More than Meets the Eye

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED is a special series in my heart. I loved it as a kid, loved as I grew up, and when I went back to see if it still held up, I still loved it. While most Gundam fans have a mixed view on the show, it remains, in my mind, a great piece of anime. A story of people thrust into a war, who either sink or swim, a story about the arrogance of humanity, the rush to perfect. And most of all, a show where awesome looking robots shoot laser beams at each other. The HD remaster brought polish to a series that, while suffering from some issues, is still able to hold up today. If you are a mecha fan, absolutely check out this show. And if you want to read about it, links to all of my posts are right here!

GUNDAM GUY: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD Remaster advance streaming begins  December 23rd!! [News via Gundam.Info]

Episodes 1-13: The Raid of Heliopolis and The Battle of Orbit

Episodes 14-20: The Desert Dawn

Episodes 21-28: The Clash at Orb

Episodes 29-34: The Betrayal at JOSH-A and The Theft of the Freedom

Episodes 35-38: The Flight from ORB

Episodes 39-44: The Revelations of Mendel

Episodes 45-48: The Battle of Jachin Due

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED’s Flay Allster: The girl who didn’t belong

Final Thoughts on Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

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