Don’t @ Me: Seven of My Anime Opinions: Spider-Mech Edition

It’s Monday, so it’s time for this! Welcome back to Don’t @ Me! The place where I jump into a spider mech even though the government TOTALLY says there are no humans involved, and give you my thoughts and views on everything about anime and manga. I took a week off, let’s get back into this after the cut!

12 Days of Anime Day 12: Giant Fucking Flamethrower Spiders and Character  Development do not mix‏ well | World of the Outback
Quick, pilot that shit!
  1. 86 is probably going to be the ‘big’ anime this season, and the first episode looks really promising. There isn’t really a heavy hitter like last time, but that’s always good. We need a break, but 86 will hopefully do what it needs to do. I just won’t get too attached to the cast.

2. Nagatoro-san is absolutely going to be one of those shows, like Umaru-Chan, and Uzaki-chan, in that your enjoyment of the game is based on how much you enjoy the character. I likes Uzaki, hated Umaru and so far indifferent on Nagatoro. We’ll see how that goes.

3. A blogging pet-peeve is when you toss your heart and soul into a post, and it doesn’t get that many eyes on it, but when you toss together a random post, all of a sudden everyone cares about it. It’s happened a few times, but thankfully I don’t let it get to me. Still annoying though.

4. Having finished my fourth re-watch (thought it was five, but it wasn’t!) of Unlimited Blade Works, I’m surprised and extremely happy that the show doesn’t only hold up, but it is just REALLY that good. Like aside from maybe one too many monologues in one episode, there is little I can really criticized. That’s extremely rare, but makes me thrilled. Love that damn show.

5. I picked up the Island VN and will be working through that in the next few months. I’ve heard good things about the VN, and I enjoyed the anime for what it is. I hope that the full story will be better in its OG form!

6. I’ve become almost completely addicted to Fate/GO in the last few weeks. I’m saving up all my saint quartz (almost 170 so far!) so I can get Arjuna Alter in June. I will have that dark skin male beauty. Then it’ll be a year of saving for the legendary Caster Artoria, or Castoria. I will have them both.

7. But really, the Fate/GO gacha system can go straight to hell. Right down to the bottom, below the bottom.

One thought on “Don’t @ Me: Seven of My Anime Opinions: Spider-Mech Edition

  1. I find that the more specific posts that you put a lot of time and energy into tend to get better results over the long run. Also, the more specific the post, the less likely any other bloggers or people in this space will be invested in it (or have seen it, in the case of anime).

    Like my Monogatari posts don’t garner a lot of attention from the WordPress crowd, but I’ve gotten good responses on them after the fact, both through views and messages even.

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