Don’t @ Me: Seven of my Anime Opinions: Mai Kadowaki was in WHAT?!? Edition

I swear that line will make sense by the end of this.

Welcome back to Don’t @ Me! The time where, like walking into a sex dungeon with a cat girl, busty elf, and a priestess. I fight evil to dish out my thoughts and views on everything in the anime and manga industry. This time we talk about some announcement, and I process information I just learned! Let’s get into this after the cut!

Assessing the Anime: Why is "The World God Only Knows" struggling so much?
  1. Madoka Magica is getting a sequel movie! Well over nine years later! Now I’ve not watched the series, but I’ve heard people go on and on about it. How great it was, how well it played with the magical girl formula. It’s on my list of things to watch, and probably went up a few notches thanks to this news. I am curious to see what’s up

2. I didn’t bring this up in my housekeeping post, but I am planning on sitting down and watching Studio Deen’s Fate/Stay Night as well. It’s the only adaptation of the Fate route, and honestly? I want to see what is up. I’ve heard it’s not good, but I think we need to be faire.

3. I’ll get into this when I talk about it, but we shouldn’t be judging the series next to the Ufotable adaptations. It was a different time, back when the Fate fandom was in its infancy. Things got better, a lot better, and until Nasu and Type-Moon decide to pull the trigger on another version, this is all we get.

4. And honestly? From the little I’ve seen as of now. The first opening is an absolute fucking banger, and the animation, while dated and almost insulting compared to the top shelf Ufotable work, has a certain charm to it. I like the retro feeling, and honestly? It’s far more in line with the visual novel art than before.

5. I’m reading the Island VN right now, and it’s pretty good! Still, I don’t know why stories like this love to go on this rambling filled moments of explaining the nuances of time travel. I mean fuck, it’s just intense.

6. There has been some grumblings about translations again in the anime sphere, and I want to give my thoughts on that: I honestly don’t care.

7. I mean, I am full supporter of English dubs. I watch many of them, and enjoy several. I’ve been on record of not only liking, but preferring the dub of High School DxD. Most anime comedies I find better in English because the jokes land far better. I just watched Devil is a Part-Timer again in dub, and thought it was absolutely fantastic.

8. Look, I get it. No one likes the idea of the west getting their hands into the anime scene, especially in this age of clout-chasing moralizing of the internet, but expecting a perfect 100% 1 to 1 translation is pretty much impossible. Sometimes they need to fill in the blanks with words. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t, but let’s not paint with so broad a brush.

9. Does Funimation play loose with their dub scripts at times? Yeah they do. Has the recent acts of some companies cutting pieces out of light novels really fucking infuriating? Fuck yeah it is. But more often than not, I find that it gets the job done. It’s more so with the comedies than the shonen or drama, but it’s no where near as bad as people think. Yes, I heard the Dragon Maid line, that was dumb, but ‘picking your battles’ is an important life skill to learn. And also, just watch the sub.

10. So I just found out that Mai Kadowaki, the voice of Illyasviel von Einzbern, not only my favorite character in Fate, but one of my favorite characters of all time, was one of the starring girls in Overflow! You know, that female adult josei hentai, anime that came out a couple seasons back.

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