Aneki: My Sweet Elder Sister: Dummy Thicc

We haven’t done a hentai post in awhile, and what better one to post than this! I’ve discussed many series, but there is one type that I haven’t really touched upon. Anyone who has been around the hentai scene has probably come across one of these series, ones that are…full… in all the right places. Well, now it is time to do just that, so after the cut let’s take a dive into the hentai series: Aneki: My Sweet Elder Sister!

((This post contains NSFW images. Please read with discretion))

What Kind? CHUNKY!

Talking about hentai is difficult after you’ve got more than a few under your belt. I mean, how many times can you talk about porn and make it feel different from the other times you’ve talked about porn? I mean most hentai can be broken down into this mathematical formula: H= (M + P –> W + V) = :0. So unless you are talking about a hentai with a legit story (which there are) or going into the animation and art style (there are many), there is little to really get into without rehashing the same ideas again and again. Thankfully with Aneki, we can absolutely talk about the latter.

In the realm of hentai animation, if you watch enough of it (guilty!) then you start to see some similar art styles that shows up in many different words. Queen Bee is infamous for taking well received manga and animating them like two pieces of paper being mushed together. PoRO, the studio behind Oni ChiChi is notorious for ‘same face’ in its various series. Aneki’s art style remains refreshing unique among it’s hentai contemporaries. Similar in design to shows like Milk Junkies and Consenting Adultery, this is a hentai which clearly wants it’s women curvy, voluptuously and most importantly thicc, oh so fucking thicc.

All of the girls in Aneki have meat on their bones. Just fucking thicc man.

And honestly, it is refreshing. Hentai loves to play thing close to home, and most of the time the ladies are tall, thin with boobs as big as watermelons and booties that won’t quit. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, some of the best series take that and polish it to a mirror shine, but variety is the spice of life, and it is always good to change things up. All of Aneki’s girls feel unique and special, with their bodies again, just so damn thicc. I don’t know if I would go as far to say as they are all ‘plus sized’ but it does feel like this series is all about the meat, and they do it in the best way. The sex meanwhile is pretty decent. Aneki is a hentai that loves its close ups shots like J.J Abrams loves his lens flare. There is very little in sense of large scale scenes, everything feels intimate with most of the sex taking place in cramped areas like locker rooms, or bathrooms. Much attention paid on the genitals, lips both north and south compared to breasts, which again is a change from the usual routine. I don’t know if it is my personal taste, but it does work for what it is trying to do.

Aneki keeps things intimate in its sex, everything is really close up.

In terms of story, again I can just point to my equation above, and call it day. Aneki follows the anthology type of hentai, which each episode divided into two or three smaller stories, each with a different guy and girl. Most run the usual gambit, we got step brother and step sister, we got student and swimming teachers, we got brother and slutty sister, we got high school students. Aneki runs through the checklist and does it with gusto. Of course the problem with anthology hentai is that when you get attached to one certain couple and want to see them go to pound down more than once, it can be frustrating.

By time you get attached to one couple, it moves onto the next one. Which sucks if you wanna see them fuck each other more than once.

Aneki: My Sweet Elder Sister in terms of its art style is unique among anime. While it is shared with a few other series, it pales in comparison to the usual expectations of the genre. Everything is ripe, curved and most all, it’s just dummy thicc. The anthology type of storytelling lets everyone have something they might like, and there isn’t a massive downgrade in animation over it’s run like other series have. If you like hentai and love thicc ladies, then it might just be the show you are looking for. Give it a look for yourself and see what you think!

This show also loves its half panty shots. Like they are everywhere and I can’t complain in the slightest.

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