On my Radar for Spring 2021: The Eight episode check-in!

Spring 2020 has turned out be a solid season, filled with good shows, a few great ones, and a few that just get the job done. Now that we are in the last third, it’s time to sit down and give you my thoughts on what I’m watching. Let’s get into it after the cut!

Spring Landscape Anime Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

 How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω

Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu Ω
Damn me!

My thoughts after eight episodes: This show had everything going for it with a really solid three episode launch. However as I feared, a second season to a show that didn’t sell well means that some corners are cut. I blame myself for having read the light novels, therefore becoming one of ‘those people’ who complains about this or that scene. Some fanservice has been cut, and what is there isn’t what it could have been. That sucks, but I also will say that Demon Lord has never been truly bad. Bit of a bummer, but I still get my laughs from this show and frankly I am just glad it got a second bite at the apple.

STATUS: Enjoying the panty shots.

Fruits Basket: The Final

Sadness, Bad Parents: The Final Stabbing

My thoughts after eight episodes: Fruits Basket is a true classic of the genre, in that it has so many moments that will forever been part of the anime pantheon, but it also a classic in a way that you can just pick it apart to death. I love this show, I truly do, but there is also a part of me who can see the seams in the dress. So much good, but also so much bleh. This third season so far has been the anthology series it probably always should have been and it seems to be heading to a strong and great conclusion. I’m on that ride until the end.

STATUS: *sings* Pleasure!!!!!

Zombieland Saga: Revenge

Saga, Saga, Saga!

My thoughts after eight episodes: Zombieland Saga Revenge has been the sequel we probably all hoped it could be. More music, more dancing, more funny moments with the girls. While the ‘omg, this is so fresh and new” shine has indeed worn off, there is enough juice in these bodies to not feel like we are spinning our wheels. I just hope it ends with a great musical send-off.

STATUS: The Legendary Tae Yamada!


Iron-Blooded Orphans

My thoughts after eight episodes: I said before that you shouldn’t get too attached to any of these characters and I was right. Eighty-Six is a gritty war anime that walks through the halls that Iron-Blooded Orphans built a few years back. It’s messy, brutal, and thankfully able to deliver a message about war that doesn’t lecture or beat you over the head with it. It is probably the best anime of the season and a solid runner up to my personal anime of they year. Let’s hope it keeps up the good streak!

STATUS: Raise your hands up to the sky!!!!

The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent

Watch The Saint's Magic Power Is Omnipotent Sub | Fantasy, Romance, Slice  of Life Anime | Funimation
Why are all the men still so HOT?

My thoughts after eight episodes: The sleeper hit that I didn’t see coming. Saint’s Magic has been nothing but a wonderful, fun, calm and frankly stellar ‘mid-tier’ anime. It has no business being as good as it has been, and I’m shocked at how much I’ve enjoyed it. It is probably my favorite anime of the season and a serious contender for top prizes later this year. If you haven’t check this one out, please give it an honest look, you may be surprised. If not for the over the top volume of hot men.

STATUS: Nerf Healers.

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