Don’t @ Me: Seven of my Anime Opinions: Arjuna Alter Edition

It’s Monday, which means it is time again for this. Welcome back to Don’t @ Me. The place where, like any good hentai tier list. I rank and rate my opinions and views on the anime and manga world. This week is the second banner with Arjuna Alter and I’m all ready for it. Let’s get into it after the cut.

My boy
  1. I’ve got over 500 saint quartz, 31 summoning tickets and money set aside. I pray to every god on this earth that this meta defining berserker boy will be mine. Because if not, I’m going to fucking cry a lot.

2. I’ve enjoyed my time so far with Fate/Illya, it’s just a damn funny series and has a surprising amount of Fate lore put in, but always remembering to be a magical girl series first.

3. I see that Sailor Saturn finally got her transformation sequence in the recent Sailor Moon movie. Can you believe it’s been over twenty years and she NEVER had her own transformation moment? That’s fucking freaky.

4. Gundam SEED is getting not only a sequel film, but a bunch of other stuff! This came out last week, but I forgot to mention it. It’s great news all around, especially considering that it was widely viewed as not happening since the death of the writer.

5. And honestly, after the unmitigated car crash that was SEED Destiny, we can only go up from here. Even better, there will probably be no recycled animation and god help us for whatever upgrade to the Strike Freedom we end up getting. Kira was god-more before, but now we will all have to bow down.

6. Also, more boobs! Gundam SEED was always the sexier addition to the gundam series, and I hope that carries on in the movie. Lacus has always been a babe, and she will sell those figurines!

7. Please god, Give me Arjuna Alter. I’ll be the goodest of good boys. Don’t make me whale for him!

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