The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent: Faraway Fairy Tale

Out of what has been a very solid and enjoyable spring 2021 anime season. There has been one show that I’m shocked I’ve enjoyed so much. Especially since that show is really nothing special. A mid-tier show to end all mid-tier shows. Yet it was always something I was excited to watch each week. Let’s not waste anytime, and after the cut, take a dive into The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent.

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Mid-Tier Marvel

On paper, and probably in reality, Saint’s Magic is your classic reverse harem with a sprinkling of isekai. Starring Sei Takanashi, a normal and boring office worker working a boring and normal officer worker life, she suddenly finds herself whisked off to a fantasy world thanks to a summoning ritual. This kingdom has attempted to the ‘saint’ someone who is blessed with amazing powers of healing. The only problem is that the ritual ends up summoning two different women. After the people in charge select the younger and more attractive Aira, Sei is left to make a new future in a world of swords, magic, and unbelievably attractive men. What follows is twelve episodes of what might be the most enjoyable and wholesome story I’ve seen in years.

The snap judgment made about Sei and Aira is a nice bit of meta commentary, but thankfully doesn’t get dragged out.

Followers of his blog will know that I am ride or die for the Harem genre, and that I’ve always been a good reverse harem. I can understand, as best I can, that as much as men (or lesbians) might enjoy a show where the (most often) bland and uninteresting lead is surrounded by a bunch of hot girls who want nothing more than to ride his dick. Women (or gay men) probably get the same feeling from being in a story where a young women is surrounded by men who all have varying levels interest in her, and look way too fucking hot doing it. Such indulgences are a key part of fiction, and while Saint’s Magic keeps things to a one to one romance with the blonde and beautiful Hawke, you can’t deny that such fingers are all over this series.

Being swept off your feet by a handsome prince is just a legit fantasy as being surrounded by a harem of girls. Such indulgences are vital and Saint’s delivers this well.

However, what really pulled me into Saint’s Magic was how much it felt like a fairy tale. This is a show that borrows much from the Cardcaptor Sakura line of thinking, in that it presents a world where evil is either not present, or if there, done for the kindest of intentions. Kyle, the arrogant prince who passes Sei (the actual saint) in favor of the younger Aira, not only admits his mistakes, but goes out of his way to protect Aira from any political blowback because of it. While such things do end up causing some harm, it is nothing that can’t be fixed by the end, and even Kyle ends up being a better man for it. But more than that, Saint’s Magic is a show where you can surrender yourself to the peaceful world. Where Sei’s love for Hawke is courtly and gentle, where the other men serve as brother and father figures. Where Elizabeth doesn’t scheme or plot against Aira, but extends a helping and understanding hand. Where old ladies who may be jealous of Sei’s gifts instead embrace the chance to learn, and where Kings take responsibility personally instead of pawning it off to others.

There is no real villain of the series, and even Kyle’s actions come from a place of concerned nobility. He’s wrong, but not ignorant about it.

Some may see that as naïve, and not proper, especially in today’s world where so many people can’t separate escapism from reality. I would argue that stuff like this is more important than ever. To sit down and watch a calm and beautiful story, with no baggage, deep themes, or attempt to fit in a message, where you can curl up and enjoy a peaceful fairy tale and not have to worry about what something might mean, or how it affects the later story. I cannot speak for anyone but myself, but after watching shows like ReZero, Unlimited Blade Works, Gundam SEED, Wonder Egg Priority, and others where you have to sit down and focus. Or shows like Bofuri, Next Life as a Villainess or Konosuba, where the peace also comes with comedy.  It is fun to kick back and not have to worry about anything. 

The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent is not going to be on many people’s best of lists by the time 2021 is done. In a year with such great hits like Jobless Reincarnation, Redo of Healer, Vivy -Fluorite Eyes Song-, Megalo Box Nomad, Eighty-Six and Attack on Titan’s final season. Something like Saint’s Magic is going to be left by the wayside. In a way that is understandable, as it is a show that is pure mid-tier, there is nothing special about it. Yet it is because of that, by not being special, but by just being what it is, that it ends up becoming something really damn enjoyable. I loved every single moment I spent with this series, and it earns its place in the honorable mentions of 2021 easily, and earns it with pride. If you are looking for a fairy tale, or just feel-good fun, then give this a show a look. If only for the very attractive men.

Cause in this world, if you aren’t at least a 9.5, you are doing it wrong.

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