Don’t @ Me: Eleven of my Anime Opinions: Wonder Egg Priority Edition

Wonder Egg Priority is the worst show I have watched. Ever.

Oh, welcome to Don’t @ Me. The place where I give you my thoughts and views on anime, blah blah, etc, etc. Let’s just fucking get into this. I don’t do negativity, but today, I’m giving it both barrels.

  1. In case you missed it. The finale of Wonder Egg Priority. A full 45 minute special aired last week, and it went over as well as a nuclear bomb being dropped onto a playground. Not only was the first half another recap of the series, but the remaining time was spent on pretty much doing nothing to bring closure to…anything.

2. Were you curious about the Frill storyline? The robot girl who was somehow causing people to kill themselves. That last minute plot twist that came out of no where. The ‘Darling the Franxx’ moment? Guess what, it’s never once addressed in this finale. It’s left completely out.

3. Did you know that Neiru was a robot? Yeah weird eh? Do they explain that? Not really. She’s dead or something, I sort of stopped caring halfway through.

4. And Sawaki? The teacher who was being all mysterious and didn’t know if we should trust him? Turns out he was a good man, and it was Koito, the girl Ai was trying to save, was known for sleeping around with other teachers and when she made a failed pass at Sakawi, tried to blackmail him and ended up dying as a result. (I can’t wait for ‘the discourse’ to get a load of that)

5. There’s some other bullshit, but to be honest, it’s not worth my time to explain. Now listen. I was never really on board with Wonder Egg Priority. From the start I knew that this was going to be a show that people would do anything to fellate, because it talked about ‘anxiety’ and ‘feelings’. That shit is catnip to certain viewers and they’ll bend over backwards to praise anything like that.

6. BUT, as I always do. I gave the show a fair shot and to be fair, the good animation and middle part of the story was actually good. The girls dealing with the trauma of growing up, the realties of being a teenage girl, the cool fight scenes, all of it was solid. Had the show decided to ‘stay in its lane’ it might have ended up earning many of the accolades people foolishly threw at it.

7. This finale has stripped all of my remaining goodwill though. This isn’t just a bad ending, it’s almost insulting so. Worse than Darling in the Franxx’s alien twist. Worse than the ass-pull conclusion of Domestic Girlfriend. Worst than the ending of Prison School. Hell it’s actually might be worse than the worst parts of Gundam Seed Destiny. Fuck Shinmai Maou no Testament at least nails it’s ecchi fanservice, and it’s better than this. And remember, this is coming from someone who’s feelings throughout the show’s run were lukewarm on it’s best day.

8. I don’t blame the animators in the slightest, who by all accounts, got a really bad deal. I blame the writers, who for some reason at the three-quarters mark, decide to drive their story not into a ditch, but off the ditch into the cliff of another ditch. There is just zero effort, zero attempt to make anything work. It feels as if the writer just gave up halfway through because it was too hard.

9. And I’ll be blunt here. If, after watching this finale, you honestly think that Wonder Egg Priority deserves to even be mentioned in the ‘best of’ lists of 2021, then you are delusional. You are letting the show’s (albeit good) mentions of anxiety, trauma, and that trans colored bra, warp your perception. That stuff may be important to you, that isn’t wrong, but that doesn’t excuse the zero effort put on display here, or the complete insanity of the Frill twist, and the just plain badness of this show.

10. I’ll never tell people that what anime they like is wrong. How can I? I’m the guy who thinks School Days is a legit amazing show. I enjoyed Yosuga no Sora. I think Gundam SEED is one of the best in the franchise. I think that In Another World with my Smartphone is one of the best ‘basic’ isekai around. I am NOT a purveyor of ‘good taste.” Never have been, never will be. And if after everything, you still claim that Wonder Egg Priority is one of the best shows of this year, you aren’t wrong to think that. I personally think your fucking delusional, but you aren’t wrong.

11. And that’s all I want to, and am going to say about this show. Wonder Egg Priority was a good concept that worked when it did, but ended up collapsing into one of the biggest trash fires in the last ten years. An absolute hit if the right drivers had been behind the wheel, a pure abomination because of the drivers who were.

2 thoughts on “Don’t @ Me: Eleven of my Anime Opinions: Wonder Egg Priority Edition

    • Writing my own ecchi like novel. I’ve come to deeply respect what the author of that series, and any ecchi series, has done. I still can’t stand everything in that show that isn’t TnA, but I respect the author immensely.

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