The Quintessential Quintuplets Volume 5: Hospital Visit

Our look at the manga series The Quintessential Quintuplets continue! The school trip is over, and Fuutaro is now in the hospital? How will be react? How will the Quints behave? There will probably be a lot of pouting, but we’ll find that out when we check out volume 5 after the cut!

It’s been a while since I jumped into this series, so I had to quickly run through what I had read and written before. The problem with talking about a series like this, even volume to volume, is that often times I can I am repeating myself. I said before multiple times that Quintuplets is a series about the girls learning that growing up means growing apart. That the entry of Fuutaro into their lives is he wedge that will break apart their lives forever. They’ll always be sisters and have a bond that can never be broken, but Fuutaro can’t be split five ways (as much as hentai would tell us otherwise). One girl has to win, and the others have to deal with that.

That’s what the series is about, but I do not think that I can keep repeating that for the next 10+ volumes. Which means I gotta find something else to discuss, but thankfully Quintuplets is able to provide at least a bit of meat to chew on in this regard. For the fifth volume we now shift focus to Yotsuba and Nino, both of who get some 1 on 1 time with Fuutaro to help further their characters.

Yotsuba seems to be the quint who is most comfortable just being around Fuutaro, and I think that might be a reason she ends up winning.

Now as I’ve said before, I’m looking at this series with knowledge of how it ends and who ends up getting picked. Which means anytime Yotsuba gets the spotlight, I always pay a bit more attention. Since she is the one who ends up winning, her one on one time with Fuutaro is important. Looking at her events through that lens, I think the reason why Fuutaro ends up choosing Yotsuba, is that she doesn’t seem to care. Unlike Miku who is obvious in her affections, or Nino who cant’ stand him. Our bunny-eared quint just seems to like having Fuutaro around. They hang out, shoot the shit, and while she gets embarrassed, she has a level of chemistry with our male lead that the others don’t have. She has her affections, but they seem to be kept in check. Her big issue is trying to live for her sisters instead of herself, something that will come back in a big way during the final chapters.

Like with Nino, Yotsuba seems to really want to keep her sisters together, but her feelings are more inward than outward. As if it is some form of self sacrifice.

The other big character of the volume is Nino, whose steadfast refusal to let Fuutaro into their lives is brought to a head here. Her dismissal of Fuutaro’s notes, all of which had been handwritten by him, and the slap by Itsuki shows that despite being sisters, they won’t sit there and let one of their own badmouth someone who is helping them. Nino has always been one who has been the most defensive about Fuutaro, acting like a child who doesn’t want the new friend to play with them. Five volumes in, it’s good to see this point confronted and some real conflict get between the girls. I have no doubt that things will be sunshine and roses shortly afterwards, but seeing Nino have to grow up and get over her issues will be fun to see.

Itsuki isn’t going to take her sister’s bullshit anymore, which is a marked changed from the start of the series.

Aside from that, the rest of the volume is pretty solid. We get a bit more information about the mysterious ‘sixth’ sister. Some more flashbacks that show Fuutaro having met that quint and taken her picture, and a funny episode where Fuutaro and Miku have to place house with a bratty kid. It’s good story and as always the art and character faces help sell it well. While I didn’t bring up Miku much this time, I will say that I like that she’s so forward and obvious in how much she wants to date Fuutaro. I mean that also means she had zero chance, but what can you do.

Volume 5 of The Quintessential Quintuplets is another good entry into an overall good series. I know I was late on delivering this, but I hope to have a few more in the bag before 2021 ends. I might have to do some point form thoughts for a few of these, but I am committed to getting this series fully done on the blog. I hope you’ll stick around for the ride!

If just to see Nino get slapped.

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