Don’t @ Me: Five of my Anime Opinions: Dewbond’s on a Vacation Edition

It’s Monday, I’m chilling out by a pool for a week, (but I’ll still be blogging!) and it’s time for this. Welcome back to Don’t @ Me, the place where, like some stupid ass CEO of Kadokawa, I make really silly statements about everything related to manga and anime. This week I’m keeping thing short and simple because I got a tan to work on. Let’s get to it.

  1. If you didn’t catch it, the Kadokawa CEO was reported to say that manga was too sexy and must conform to ‘Apple and Google’ standards. Now there is more to this story, and this wonderful twitter thread by On Takahashi is great for giving context, but as always, anime and especially ecchi fans are holding their collective breath.

2. I won’t bang the drum I normally do about this, all I will say is that even if this is nothing but hot-air, it’s something we are going to see more and more of. It’s a conversation and sadly, a cultural battle that will come to a head probably in the next ten years. Sex sells, deal with it.

3. But hey! Mother of Goddess Dormitory had a fucking stellar pilot episode for an ecchi. The second episode was kinda ‘eh’, but let’s hope that is an outlier, and not a trend. Still, that first go around was stellar.

4. I’ve been re-watching Hensuki again, and man I am surprised at how low-key that dub is. It’s a good dub, but it’s so just calm and relaxing, especially for an ecchi comedy. The actors are almost too chill, and it’s an interesting way to present a story like this. I still hold that it was the ecchi of its year for a reason, but it is a surprising thing I found.

5. I’ll talk about this on Thursday, but I honestly think that Demon Slayer movie was kinda ‘meh’. Good, pretty, but not great. Feels like it’s being torn between wanting to be an OVA series, and a movie. I don’t think it works, but what is there is still solid. Just probably didn’t deserve the heaps of praise that it got.

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