Nekopara Vol.3: Oh what’s new Pussycat?

The Nekopara series has always been one that leaves me deep and compelling questions about the world and its structure. There is just something about the world that writer Sayori has created that does that. The visual novels have always been a fun read to, full of cat girls doing cute things, cat girls doing funny things, and cat girls doing each other. We’ve looked at the first two volumes of this series, which I have enjoyed pretty well. How will the third entry hold up? After the cut let’s take a dive into Nekopara Vol. 3 and find out!

My thoughts on volume 1 are right here

My thoughts on volume 2 are right here.

(NSFW images right up ahead. Please read with discretion)

Horny on the streets, or horny in the sheets?

I’ll be honest here. There is very little that I haven’t said in the last two reviews that doesn’t carry over. At this point anyone reading the visual novels knows what they want and the third outing gives you exactly what you want. Are you looking for cat girls doing cute things? Enjoy that in spades. Are you looking for some whole and loving speeches on following dreams and friendship? Grab a knife and fork. Or are you here for the catgirls riding Kashou’s dick like a bucking bronco? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Nekopara has always been a series that doesn’t skate outside it’s comfort zone. It knows what it is, what people want and focuses on that. If your the target audience, then you walk away feeling satisfied.

The series balance between wholesome and horny has always been a strong selling point, though it tips more towards horny this time around.

The story this time, like with the previous, focuses on the last pair of cocksleeves, cat girls: Maple and Cinnamon. While the other girls are given their moments (and sex scenes), the story is wholly about these two and their friendship as they try to follow their dreams of singing and performing. On one side we have Maple, a driven young woman who wants to aim above her station and sing on the stage. Headstrong and confident, but also a little foolish, a tsundere who is light on the tsun, and with plenty of dere. On the other we have Maple, the buxom cat girl who wants to support her best friend with almost no regard to her own wishes and desires, and whose entire character can be summed up in the phrase ‘horny on main.’

Maple has always been the funniest of the catgirls, mostly because she’s so blatant about her feelings and hornyness

Both of these girls have been featured in the last two volumes, but here they take centerstage and their story is the classic Nekopara stuff, light on depth, but full of cuteness and friendship that can touch anyone’s heart. The strive to be a creator and follow your dream, the fear of doing that. Of wanting to be the best friend you can be, even if it isn’t always the best idea is relatable to anyone. It’s boilerplate stuff, but the music and characters make it work as best it can. By the time it is over and the big show has come and gone, you feel that Maple and Cinnamon have both gone on a journey and are better people for it.

Seeing Maple and Cinnamon preform, even if it is not perfect is a cute and wholesome moment. Sayori has always been great at diving into these kind of emotions and it works here.

Of course, this is a Nekopara game, so the story is only supplemental to the sex scenes, and volume 3 has them in spades. I was actually surprised at how many were in here. Not only do Maple and Cinnamon get three separate scenes (two with Kashou and one between themselves). Both Vanilla and Chocola and Coconut and Azuki get their own moments to get all hot and heavy. As always, the sex is top tier, with the creators and animators pulling as much as they can from the medium to make things work. While there isn’t much in terms of uniqueness, each of the scenes seems to follow the some routine of kissing, blowjob, sex on top, then from behind, it is the personalities of the girls that make things stand out. This is especially true for Maple who was always the most reluctant of the girls to get into a relationship, but ends up just as hooked as the others. If there is any problem, it is that I felt this outing went on far too long than it should have. The second sex scene between Kashou, Maple and Cinnamon just felt completely tacked on, not bad, but very much. “Oh, wait, we are doing this again?”

Maple and Cinnamon probably get the most ‘into it’ when the fucking starts and it helps keep things fresh.

Nekopara Volume 3 is another solid entry in a solid, but not stellar series. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to think this series is better than Sayori’s other work Love3 -Love Cubed-. But what is here is nothing to scoff at. If anything, the Nekopara series is brilliant at giving viewers exactly what they want: cute catgirls doing cute things and then fucking. There is a lot to admire from a product that does what is advertised on the box, and I think people can lose track of that sometimes, especially in this atmosphere of reading meaning into everything. Either way, if you are a Nekopara fan and haven’t picked this up. I’m sure you will enjoy it, if you haven’t yet, but are okay with cats and culture, then you’ll find another stellar visual novel. Give it a look for yourself and see what you think! Just make sure to lock the doors.

And hey! Maple and Cinnamon actually have a relationship beyond the main character. That’s a first!

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