Parallel Paradise Volume 4: Digging for Cod

Our look at the manga series Parallel Paradise continues! It’s been a while since we’ve returned to this series, but I finally got my hands on the next part of the series. As always I can never be less surprised that I can purchase this series both A) in a bookstore, and B) with an official English translation. That’s never going to be something that doesn’t shock me. Either way, plenty to get to, so after the cut let’s dive into the fourth volume of Parallel Paradise!

(NSFW images up ahead. Please read with discretion)

Thick, rock-hard Cod.

With this volume of Parallel Paradise the series starts to slide into what is the formula for the rest of the current series. Yota and Rumi go to a town or another part of their world to find out how to kill the god of deep jealously, meet some new girls, a battle is had, and a penis goes into multiple vaginas. That is Paradise at its core and while some might criticize that as formulaic, it is actually works quite well, mostly because the story is so good.

Four volumes in and everything we know might be a lie!

And that story only gets better in this volume. While it is mostly set-up this time around, establishing new characters, and the problem of trying to recover a jewel to save Noah’s mother from the nearby shrine. There are also more layers added to the mystery of just what is going on. The revelations that god of deep jealously is already dead contradicts what Yota has been told before and has him questioning everything he’s done to this point. If the god is dead, does that mean that mating with the girls won’t save them? If it was a lie told by Genius, or that he just didn’t know, then are the women doomed? Will Rumi and all the others die at 20 despite having the mark on them? And while Yota wants to give up on the whole thing, it is Rumi in her usual way that helps change him around, asking him simply “What good is a long life if it’s empty?”

Rumi helps make Yota see the big picture, that even if it doesn’t work, a short life with physical love is better than a long one without.

The volume also introduces us to new characters: the buxom and scientific Hanahana, the shrimp dancing Tia, the invisible goddess Noah, and the petite and distrusting Pinako. And while Pinako and her mysterious bargain with the woman in the cave drives the central plot this time, it is Hanahana who ends up being the most interesting. Attempting to measure the water with no knowledge of numbers or math until Yota teaches her, the scene where he instructs her in Math is a cute one. Not only for the idea that had this been a normal world Hana would have been a honor student, but also that it shows how backwards and barren these people are. It is a rough rural life, with everything having to be done by hand and for an existence that lasts only twenty years. Once again I still think my theory (still unproven even at the current chapters) that the girls are the sex doll survivors of a former race, is quite likely.

Hanahana’s reaction to basic math shows how backwards this society of girls are. The reason why is still mystery.

Of course, as this is Parallel Paradise we would be remiss to not talk about the sex that goes in this book. It is as great as always, with Lynn Okamoto being a master at depicting the pleasure and joy the girls feel from being mated for the first (or in Rumi’s case) multiple times. The revelations that the girls are aware of sexual relations and often pair off in lesbian couplings makes sense for the world (and a source of humor for Yota who passes himself off as a girl). Furthermore I enjoyed that Yota often goes out of his way to not touch any of the new girls, knowing that any skin to skin contact lead to the floodgates literally being opened. It doesn’t last for long of course, and his round in the bath with Tia, the shrimp-dancing fisherman was intense and passionate. The way the girls get so into the sex, how their bodies react and what it does to their minds only furthers my belief in the ‘sex-doll’ theory, but again we have yet to find the answers.

Shoddy translation here aside (I ripped a scan), Tia’s reaction to mating lends credence to the idea that these girls aren’t actually human.

Volume 4 of Parallel Paradise is a good entry in a great series. The Reel arc is not one my favorites, but it keeps the story moving forward, mixing an interesting plot with sex scenes that are always great to see. Things are coming to a head, and I’m sure in the next volume, which will hopefully be in my hands this year, will leave us with just as many questions, and just as much fluid as before. Give it a look if you haven’t already because as always, this isn’t a story to miss.

Then there is this bitch.

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