The Summer of Love III: The OVAs and Specials of Fate/Illya

The Summer of Love III continues! We got an extra week of our event, and I figured what better thing to discuss than the OVAs and specials of Fate/Illya! There are quite a few, so I’m going to be taking a overview, but there is plenty to discuss. Let’s get into it all after the cut!

Everyone wants to be an idol dancer!

Ranging from a full episode, to quick six to seven minute shorts. The Fate/Illya specials run the gambit of comedic bits And while the series has never been one to shy away from indulging the audience, it is these specials that are probably the most indulgent of them all. Whether it is Irisviel and the maids playing a very stripy board game, Sella attempting to lose weight, Illya wanting to get a bra, and Shirou having the worst luck of all time. It is clear that most of these shorts are geared at that certain part of the fandom, and the nature of these specials, removed from the need to be tied to the plot of the story, is more about tickling apparent fan wants and making people laugh.

‘Clothes optional’ is pretty much how you can sum up these specials. Either way, Mama-Iri is ruthless.

And it is mostly successful. While whether or not you enjoy the fanservice of this show (something I talked about in my discussing about Kuro), the humor on display has always been one of Fate/Illya’s strongpoints. Seeing the characters bounce off each other is always great, especially as it gives the lesser characters a chance to shine. With only a few exceptions, most of the series is often focused on the Kuro/Illya/Miyu triangle, so taking a moment to give the other characters their moment in the spotlight is great to see.

The ‘bra’ episode is the one time I’ll say that the dub of Fate/Illya is solid. It’s just funny banter.

And honestly, that’s all I can really say about these. I know it is a short post, but the humor of these shorts and OVAs is very much based on what you find funny in your anime. They are indulgent, cute, sometimes crazy little episodes that fans of the show will enjoy and people who aren’t won’t. There is very little here that will change anyone’s mind on the show, and honestly, if you have gotten this far in the series (or my posts) then chances are you are a Fate/Illya fan. Give them a looksie for yourself, and see what you think.

Next well, we will finally dive into the movie: Oath under Snow! So don’t miss that!

Issei x Shirou: the best pairing?

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