On my Radar for Summer 2021: The Eight Episode Check-In!

Summer 2021 is winding down! It’s been a very light season and I couldn’t have been happier. These breathers are important for anime fans, as it lets us digest the excellent helpings of before, and get ready for what comes next. Still there have been some fun and decent shows this time around. We are eight episodes in for most of them, so it’s time to get check in after the cut!

 Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S

It’s Tit Day mother fuckers.

My thoughts after eight episodes: Dragon Maid S has been true to form, mixing classic Sunday morning funnies with moments of cuteness and surprising amounts of wholesome. The grumbles regarding Ilulu have fallen to the wayside and she has fallen into sync with the cast so well. While the new series smell has long worn off, Dragon Maid S has been every bit this fan has wanted, and it remains a success story for Kyoto Animation.

STATUS: Flame Sacs, I mean uh…boobs.

 Higurashi: When They Cry – SOTSU

We see her rolling, we see her killing.

My thoughts after eight episodes: Higurashi SOTSU is slowly revealing what it actually is, maybe. While we won’t know until it ends, it does look like this is one long attempt to link the worlds of Higurashi and Umineko, another visual novel created by the author. Regardless of that, SOTSU has been nothing but fantastic with the insanity of its story getting more compelling with each new episode. Whether it will all come together remains to be seen, but fuck has this ride been good.

STATUS: On step 95.6 of my plan to stay with my best friend who I totally don’t have romantic feelings towards.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Season 2

My Next Life as a Villainess Season 2 release date in 2021: HameFura Season  2 confirmed
Sora best boy.

My thoughts after eight episodes: Hamefura’s sequel has ended up very much like I expected it to me. A fluffy sequel to an already fluffy show that said everything it was suppose to. In a heavier season I might have dropped this, but with such slim pickings this time around, it’s been a disposable show I can throw on and not feel my time was wasted. I’ve heard that the plot kicks up again soon, but for now, it’s just dumb fun.

STATUS: Getting all the lads by just being me.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend

One more Kanojo and we’d have a hentai up in here!

My thoughts after Eight Episodes: Both this and the next series have scratched an itch that hasn’t been scratched in years. G/G is a stupid comedy with a stupid premise that I just absolutely love. It’s shameless and earnest, and is the truest form of the idea that harem anime are absurdist comedies. Some may claim it is a knock-off Kaguya-Sama, but who cares, cause this shit is funny, wholesome and begging for an English dub.

STATUS: Despairing over being stolen a first kiss.

Mother of Goddess Dormitory

Stuff this harem ecchi trash in my fucking veins.

My thoughts after seven episodes: Oh what joy, what fun, what humor, what ecchi! Mother of Goddess’ Dormitory is the harem ecchi anime I’ve wanted for so long. It delivers almost everything you expect from a show like this. A colorful female cast that bounces off each other, decent but not stellar animation, a catchy as fuck opening song, and honest to god, uncensored anime tiddy! While World’s End Harem is probably the only ecchi that has a chance of dethroning Redo of Healer for 2021’s top spot (Unless Date A Live IV gets a good studio to do it this time) Goddess’ Dormitory is a drink of cool water after a summer’s day. Classic Ecchi to the bone, and I can’t get enough of it.

STATUS: Ooey gooey love.

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