Don’t @ Me: Six of my Anime Opinions: At Least You Tried Edition.

It’s Monday, which means it is once again time for this! Welcome back to Don’t @ Me! The place where, like many people in this world. I at least try to give you my thoughts, views and opinions on everything in the anime and manga world. This week is well…just that, let’s get into it after the cut!

  1. The live action Cowboy Bebop’s opening is out and it’s ok. I mean, fuck they tried right? Look, I don’t have the love for this series many people have. I’m halfway through it right now and I’m very ‘meh’ about it so far. But this opening, as fan-made as it feels shows at least some effort and respect given to the source material.

2. I mean, fuck they could have done that to Faye’s outfit a bit more, but eh you take the ‘wins’ where you get them.

3. Apparently Doctor Stone is entering it’s final arc! That seems to be the thing these days, hot shonen titles are only lasting a quarter of the length as the long running ones. Is that because authors are more skittish on decade long series? I mean, fuck it’ll be a minor miracle if One Piece lands even a 1/5th of its ending.

4. Re-watching Higurashi in recent months has shown me how great that series truly is. Top to bottom, start to finish. I do believe is a true anime classic, and I think that because GOU and SOTSU decided to NOT chase that fame again, things have ended up quite well.

5. I know there are some grumbles about the series and the direction it took (and the time it took to get there). It’s not perfect by any means But honestly? I still maintain it’s a really awesome way to tell a new story, but honor the events of the original. The conflict on display is in many ways true to form of the themes of Higurashi and shows that ‘happily ever after’ often doesn’t happen.

6. Don’t know if all the hints and links to the author’s other visual novels will end up paying out, but hell if we get a Umineko remake or something out of this, looks not bad.

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