Parallel Paradise Volume 5: Live, Die, Fuck, Repeat

Our look at the manga series Parallel Paradise continues! I’ve managed to nab the next two volumes which means this insanely fucky isekai romp continues! When we last left of, our heroes were digging up a beach to find a gem, while a mysterious woman lurked in the shadows. Yota stuck it in a few girls, and as always people were drowning in fluids. What happens next? Well let’s get into the fifth volume of Parallel Paradise after the cut!

Thick juicy melons

In the fifth volume of the series, the plot begins to take a more interesting turn. While the events back in Reel are interesting, it is very much just more of the same thing. Yota mates with a few of the girls, earns their affections and find out more about who they are. However thankfully it is more than just back to back hentai scenes this time. Well okay, they are those, but the attitudes of the two girls on the plate this time are thankfully different. Hanahana, the ara-ara onee-san with the love of math and come hither look is the more affectionate of the two, with a chemistry between Yota that isn’t present in the other girls. One of the thing I really like about Paradise is that Yota gets over the thrill of fucking all the girls quite quickly. While he still enjoys it, the thrill starts to wear off and he approaches it as almost a chore. His time with Hanahana however is a rare moment of mutual attraction. He is very into making love with her, and there is a sense of lust that hasn’t even been shared with Rumi. Is that just because of her body, or is it something else? We don’t find out, but considering Hanahana does not get the brand around her neck, it is something to think about.

Hanahana and Yota’s sex scene is the most emotional one yet, for both sides.

The other girl, Pinako is a more straight forward with the fucking. She views it as method so she can look at Noah, and despite getting into it, only wants to have it for that purpose. Yota’s attempt at teasing her only backfires, as does is attempt to ‘get hard’ from her dirty talk. I really enjoyed Pinako just jumping on him, bringing a knife to his throat and taking control. It helps give variety to the sex scenes and differentiation between the girls. They might like getting down and dirty, but they all have their own reasons for it.

Pinako’s reaction is a fresh take on the sex, there is a lot of fire in that girl!

Of course the biggest thing in this volume is Yota getting killed and sent back to his real world. It’s a great twist that makes the reader remember that this Isekai is different and hasn’t completely forgotten the previous setting. The conversation there and the masked creature throwing both him and his childhood friend Nishina back off, helps bring the story back into focus. I loved how Yota’s first real action is to research into the Cetus and find out a way to kill it, even when he is sure everything was a dream. Nishina’s heartfelt confession and pleading with him to stop trying to kill himself is touching, and only lays groundwork for big reveals later. I also like how Yota is progressively getting more injured, something that will also pay off later, giving the series a ticking time clock aspect.

I love how Yota just uses the internet to find out the monster’s weakness. And does it the moment he returns to the new world.

Parallel Paradise’s fifth volume is a step up from its fourth. It keep things straight forward and to the point, while expanding the story with some mysteries and reveals that only want you to keep reading. There have been moments in previous volumes where the story leans too much into the ‘slay and lay’ aspect, but parts like these remind you at how compelling the story of Paradise can be. I have so many questions and theories, and re-reading these chapters made me remember why I fell in love with this series all over again. Check it out if you are so inclined, even if you only like melons.

Yota dying the first time was one of two ‘holy shit’ moments in the series so far.

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