Don’t @ Me: Eight of my Anime Opinions: Disney Edition

It’s Monday which means it’s time for this! Welcome back to Don’t @ Me, the place where, like Yota from Parallel Paradise, I get thrown out a window while giving my thoughts, views and opinions on the anime and manga world. This week we are once again talking about anime and that damn fucking rat. Let’s get into it after the cut.

Fucking rats.

1. I was hoping that we wouldn’t have to talk about this for at least another year. But it seems that Disney, having tasted that weeb money with Star Wars Visions is getting a jump on things. For those who are unaware, Disney recently revealed a slate of shows coming to their streaming platform, some of which seem to be high profile anime shows. This of course means that the rat has finally decided to step into the anime streaming wars.

2. Now granted, it is a small step, but when it comes to Disney, even a small step is an earthquake. While the anime that have decided to stream isn’t anything of any real import (there are no shonen titles for example), the fact that they are doing this is cause for awareness.

3. I recently discussed my views with Disney and the anime industry, and my feelings have not changed. I don’t like it, mostly because I fear that anime, probably the last bastion of creative freedom in the entertainment industry, will be forced to comply with Disney and other companies trying to make everything have mass appeal. Is that hyperbole? Probably, but seeing the mouse step into the ring is, in my view, not a good thing.

4. And I’m willing to put down serious dollars on this. In the next five years I can see Disney making a power play at trying to purchase Shonen Jump or another studio/publisher of note. Why beat them when you can just buy them? Just what exactly will that mean for the industry? I know creators have more control over their work, but do fans really want a heavy-hitter, whoever it may be, become a subsidary of the fucking Walt Disney Company?

5. Alas, this is something that I feel is inevitable. Anime is red-hot right now, and is only getting hotter. Sooner or later the superhero movie bubble will burst, and people will be scrambling for the next big thing. There is already a wave of interest in foreign shows like Squid Game, and I doubt those will remain isolated incidents. I’ve always believed anime, with its vast library of stories, is an untapped vein just waiting to be exploited.

6. And sure, Disney getting serious means that there will be competition, and the Sony monopoly will not run rampant, but I do think fans think only about short-term gains over long term implications. I won’t sit here and doom-say, but I think it is totally justified to be nervous that Disney has tasted that weeb blood. Things are rapidly changing and I wouldn’t be surprised if the western anime fandom is on the cusp of moving into a new era for the medium.

7. In other news, Kaguya-Sama: Love is War is entering its final arc! Very exciting news, and I really hope the series is able to stick the landing, because the manga has been nothing but stellar right now. Seriously, it is a fantastic series.

8. I managed to pull two copies of Space Ishtar on the recent Fate GO banner! Better yet, I only spent 150 out of the 550 quartz I saved. Now the rest goes to saving for Caster Arturia this August. The grind continues!

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