Parallel Paradise Volume 6: Don’t rock the boat! Don’t rock the boat baby!

Our look at the manga series of Parallel Paradise continues! When we last left off, Yota died and went back to his real world, where he was promptly thrown off again by the mysterious creature. Before that he was sticking his shaft into the waiting holes of a math freak and a tiny tsundere. Now fighting against an evil creature and armed with the power of google search, can he triumph? We’ll find out as we dive into the seventh volume of Parallel Paradise after the cut!

Don’t tip the girl over!

Reviewing this volume so close to the sixth can make it difficult to talk about, because I don’t want to just be going over what I already discussed. It is why I often shy away from doing episodic reviews, or manga to manga ones. Sometimes there is just nothing to really say. Which is why this time, and probably in the future going forward, I’m going to only really focus on the big events that happen in each volume. For Paradise, this entry has two.

The first is the escapades on the boat. After defeating the Cetus (rather fast I may add), and engaging in a celebratory orgy afterwards, Yota, Rumi are joined by two adorable and comedic sailors Makana and Rino. When the trip goes sideways due to a encounter with a kraken and they are stranded without sails and minimal food and water, the four of them do the only thing they can: fuck. 

What follows is an orgy that goes on for three flipping days. It is insane, silly, and everything I love about Parallel Paradise. The full throated commitment to its premise and how deep it is able to go. Is there a reason to have an entire chapter for Yota to fuck two side characters on the boat? Not really, but it shows what this world is like, the atmosphere they are in, and how the story isn’t running away from what it is. There have been other shows (Chivalry of a Failed Knight and Food Wars) that abandon their central idea early on and suffer for it. Paradise is the opposite, and this chapter shows it.

The spend three days fucking. Classic Paradise

The second big thing that happens is that after getting saved by Noah, Yota ends up being found dead on the beach. Transported back again to his old world and in a much worse condition than before, he is visited by the masked doll who reveals herself to be: Lilia. Now I remember this completely flooring me the first time I read it. Lilia had been present in the first couple of volumes, but had all been forgotten until now. The revelation that she is the one behind Yota being thrown into the past just asks so many questions. Why him? How is she able to do this? Is it connected to the fact she hasn’t gotten a mark on her neck? What about her cryptic warnings from before, or her obsession with Yota? It’s another example of how, despite the raunchy premise, Paradise is able to drag you into its world and keep that feeling going. 

I had so many questions and just had to keep reading after this page.

As of now, this is the most current English volume of Parallel Paradise, which means it will be a bit of time before we return to this series. I’m committed to following through with it until the end, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Until then, this is another solid volume with big moments that are both sexy and important to the plot. I don’t know how many times I can say this, but if you love ecchi series, then this is a manga you HAVE to check out.  \

I’ve seen enough hentai and it goes exactly there.

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