Quick Thoughts on: Overlord Season 1: This one time, in The Great Tomb of Nazarick

I’ve made it no secret that I struggled, STRUGGLED to get through the anime version of Overlord. While I found more success with the Light Novels, I knew I should try the anime again. Recently I sat down with a buddy and watched all three seasons. And while I don’t want to re-hash all my thoughts about what is the same stuff, I do want to take a moment and get my quick thoughts out on the first season. Let’s get into this after the cut!

Check out my thoughts on the Light Novel source material here, here and here!

  • The first season remains the strongest out of the three displayed so far. Mostly because the story is focused completely on Ainz and his servants. They have always been the best part of the series, especially as Ainz tries to Mr. Magoo his way through world domination, and his fear that there may be people more powerful of him (but there isn’t)
  • The setting and plot of this first season makes Overlord the most ‘bland’ of the Big Four. It doesn’t have Tanya’s fresh setting, Konosuba’s comedy, or ReZero’s deeper character twists. Still, the use of a unique main character, and the atmosphere help sell the show regardless.
  • Which is why every time the series pulls itself out of the Ainz central story, things just tend to fall apart. I’ll get more into this in the second season, but it is a problem, but thankfully not one that shows up most in this season.
  • I was surprised at fast, but properly paced this season was. It covers three full light novels (and these are meaty books), and there were no major events or anything that were cut. I can’t recall any fine details, but I was surprised at how well structured.
  • Clementine’s death is probably Overlord’s best moment throughout all three seasons. She’s a great baddy and her getting her ass kicked by Ainz was damn satisfying. The fight with Shalltear was a close second, and I like how the close call gives Brain (still a really dumb fucking name) a chance to be a better person.
  • In regards to the way the anime looks and sounds, I will say that the animation is okay, but when put up against the light novel’s fucking fantastic art, and the end-credit pictures, it just doesn’t look good. It’s very bland, and a little bit too ‘clean’ for my tastes. Again it is never rough, but I wish there was a bit more grit and style ala Jobless Reincarnation.
  • The voice cast though, in both dub and sub are top tier though. I love Ainz’s voice as well as Albedo’s and Demiurge. It’s a very solid cast.
  • Overall, like I said, the first season is the strongest, but Overlord has always remained the weakest of the Kadokawa ‘big four.’

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