Don’t @ Me: Six of my Anime Opinions: Dewbond finally beat Persona 5 Royal Edition

It’s Monday, which means it is time for this! Welcome back to Don’t @ Me! The place where, like Kasumi, I edited myself into a story already told and give you my thoughts and views on everything in anime and manga. This week I’m celebrating finally beating Persona 5 Royal. Let’s get into it after the cut.

Party Members Ranked: Persona 5 Royal — HPCritical
  1. I’ll have my full review on the game tomorrow, but what I can say is that Persona 5 Royal is a very solid JRPG. As a game it is surpasses its predecessors in every single way, respecting players time and cutting out (most) of the bullshit.

2. As a story, I’ll get into it later, but I will say that as much as I enjoyed, I liked Persona 4 Golden’s characters and story a bit more. Probably because it was my first, but I do think there is a feeling that Royal wasn’t able to replicate.

3. In other news. I am happily surprised that many people have been giving Cowboy Bebop the lambasting it deserves. Not that I wanted to see it fail, more that I am glad some sites were honest and viewed the show for what it was, and not trying to push this or that viewpoint.

4. Course people on both sides did that, taking out what they wanted to get those clicks and outrage tweets, but most of the reputable places were upfront with their views. Take the wins where you get them right?

5. My guess for anime of the year is that it will probably go to either Oddtaxi, or Tokyo Revengers. Attack on Titan’s first half feels too far away (though it could still very much win), The Demon Slayer movie feels like it had it’s moment, and Wonder Egg Priority shit the bed so fucking bad.

6. And in case you were wondering. For me, Jobless Reincarnation wins Anime of the Year easily. Redo of Healer wins Ecchi of the Year. Vivi -Flourite Eyes Song- gets second place, Eighty-Six takes home the Bronze Medal, and Saint’s Magic is Omnipotent is my Honorable Mention. We’ll see if there are any last minute changes, but I think it’s pretty locked in place.

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