Don’t @ Me: Six of my Anime Opinions: Holy fuck Rent-A-Girlfriend Edition

It’s Monday which means it is again time for this! Welcome to Don’t @ Me, the place where like Dan Quayle. I am slowly gaining acceptance as I give you my thoughts, views and ideas on everything manga and anime. This week well, I hope you like NTR, cause man some shit happened. Let’s get into it after the cut.

  1. Look, I have never read a chapter of the series, but I saw what was going on in Rent a Girlfriend‘s latest chapter and holy fucking SHIT. That is something that decided to write? Someone decided to publish that? People who are invested in the series, are you guys okay?

2. Still, it’s fucking funny. The sight of the male lead crying in the pool as he gets a boner imagining the woman he loves getting railed by some other guy. It’s one of those panels that will always be remembered. But man…fuck it’s so fucking weird.

3. Credit to Anime News Network. They may have completely shafted Jobless Reincarnation from any of its ‘best of’ lists, but they also gave their worst to Wonder Egg Priority. I was honestly expecting it it scoop up a few awards, but no! So we’ll call it even and move on with our lives.

4. The Crunchyroll awards are next month and you heard it here first: The best of 2021 will got Oddtaxi. I just got a feeling it is going to scoop up the prize, since there is no big ass shonen last year, and it is an ‘artsy-fartsy’ show that made waves with regular viewers. It’s a good show!

5. I’ve been watching Seraph of the End with my girlfriend and damn, they show feels a lot like a chiller version of Attack on Titan. And hey, it’s main character actually chills the fuck out and becomes regularly behaved person after the first season. Fun music too, it’s a show I’m really liking. Anyone else watch it before?

6. God I hope World’s End Harem is somewhat decent. It got delayed and there doesn’t really seem to be any other big ecchi so far this year, aside from Date A Live’s fourth season, and that show is like a gacha machine, never know what you’ll get.

3 thoughts on “Don’t @ Me: Six of my Anime Opinions: Holy fuck Rent-A-Girlfriend Edition

  1. I saw that Rent A Girlfriend panel. Happy I wasn’t a regular reader, I can’t imagine what kind of gut punch it might have been. I don’t really understand the appeal of NTR and similar material anyway, even though it does seem popular if you look at doujin tags and such.


  2. “Anyone else watch it before?” I enjoyed it! Loved the soundtrack, too. I need to rewatch the second season, because I vaguely remember being a little disappointed. Overall, though, I liked it.


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