Parallel Paradise Volume 7: Don’t Piss on my Face and tell me it’s Raining.

Our look at the manga series Parallel Paradise continues! When we last left off Yota died again and after fucking a bunch of girls again. But this time the mysterious figure who is responsible has been revealed? What will this mean for the series? Well let’s take a look at the seventh volume of the series and find out!

NSFW pictures ahead. Please read with discretion.

I’m currently watching World’s End Harem and I’m coming to the conclusion that a good plot is what makes an ecchi work. It’s too easy to get de-sensitized at the oodles of boobs and butts and coochie. And when that is gone, what does a series have? That’s why you need a good plot and story, or else it will all fall apart. It is why Shinmai Maou no Testament doesn’t work because after the amazing fanservice, there isn’t enough to keep you interested.

For Parallel Paradise, we see that it is able to have both and it is better for it. The biggest thing this volume does is the reveal that the masked stranger is actually Lilia. Her reasons and motivations are not explained, but her presence is enough to ask a million questions. Why is she here? How can she jump into Yota’s world, and why is she even doing this? It was something I said last time that blew my mind, and it still does. But when Yota is thrown back, things get even stranger.

What does this mean? What does it entail? We still don’t have these questions!

I was actually surprised that Paradise took this long to get to the ‘female cult’ part of the female only apocalypses. It one of those things that you feel a story of this type will get to, and when it does, Paradise does it well. Instead of the girls all willing to mate with Yota, mostly at the end of an arc. We instead see Yota held captive by a bunch of new girls, all of whom are dead-set on using him to try to escape the moon-curse. This brings him into contact with the arc’s two main females: Elza and Vanille.

Elza brings more depravity for the series for sure, but it doesn’t stay long.

Out of the two, it is probably Elza who is the most eye-catching of the volume. She is a typical tsundere who is much more of a Tsun than a dere, with a sadistic streak that can match anyone’s. She views mating as a means to an end, but will never indulge in it herself. It is only when her moon breaks that she gives into Yota’s attempts to save her. The resulting splash page remains one of the best not only in the series, but in ecchi history.

Fucking someone to death takes a whole new meaning

It’s a damn memorable scene, and one that feels what is exactly Parallel Paradise about. Non-stop sex, but also the brutal reality behind it. Meanwhile the battle maid Vanille is pretty much more of the same. A no-nonsense warrior, but one who will succumb to Yota’s touch at the easiest whim. Her heel-turn at just his placing of hands at her is expected, and helps feed more into the idea (and my theory) that these cursed girls were originally sex bots or artificial humans used for sex. I have no idea (even at the current chapter) if hat is the case, but the moon curse killing them all before they turned 20 feels in line with that.

It checks out that some sicko would want to keep the girls “young and ripe”, which is why they all die before they leave their teenage years.

The seventh volume of Parallel Paradise is another solid entry for the series. The arc has started and there are rumblings of a new villain in play. I didn’t talk much about it here, because frankly it is not what interests me. The mystery of the girls, the fanservice and seeing how this so called paradise is falling apart is what keeps me reading. As always, if you are interested in the series, I highly suggest you check it out. I’ll see you guys for the eighth volume.

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