On my Radar for Winter 2022: The Three Episode Check-In!

Winter 2022 is well underway and I’ll be honest. If you aren’t a fan of Attack on Titan, then there really isn’t much else. Good shows, but nothing that makes you go “Oh wow, this is a contender!” There is something to be said about one show holding the rest of the year hostage, but that is for another day. For now let’s see how my shows are holding up after three episodes!

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World’s End Harem

My thoughts after three episodes: I was nervous after this show was delayed a season, but thankfully my fears were unfounded. World’s End Harem has been an engrossing ecchi story, filled with boobs and butts, but also a plot that keeps me tuning in every week. Like most ecchi anime, it is nothing special in terms of animation, but it remembers the number one rule of how to make these shows work: You need to tell a decent story to keep viewers coming back.

STATUS: Waiting for the cure

Love of Kill

My thoughts after three episodes: Have you ever wondered what would happen if Gin Ichimaru from Bleach simped over the love child of Saber and Violet Evergarden? And they were guns for hire? Well then you’ll enjoy Love of Kill. It’s nothing special, and it might be a drop soon, but I do like that reference.

STATUS: Moving the bodies.

Requiem of a Rose King

My thoughts after three episodes: My knowledge of the War of the Roses is basically that it served as the inspiration for Game of Thrones. Rose King borrows a lot of its cues from the Shakespeare play, and while it is captivating, this show feels constrained by its budget. I’d love to see what it would be like in the hands of a studio with money, but for what we have. I am invested to see how this story ends.

STATUS: Not a man, not a woman.

My Dress-Up Darling

My thoughts after three episodes: When I said that Komi Can’t Communicate didn’t set the anime fandom on fire like I expected, I meant in a way that this show has. Dress-Up Darling has been the runaway hit of the season so far. With gorgeous animation, a fantastic ending theme and a main girl who checks all the right boxes. It’s no surprise that viewers have been falling in love with this show. I love it to, even if the second episode made me want to pull my hair out. Still, this IS the big hit of the season (that isn’t about Titans).

STATUS: Dressed to kill.

One thought on “On my Radar for Winter 2022: The Three Episode Check-In!

  1. Only one I’ve heard about this season I’m interested in is Dress-Up Darling. I wouldn’t have thought this kind of series would appeal to me when I was younger but times change.

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