If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Defeat Even a Demon Lord Volume 3: The Cutie is growing up!

Our look at the volumes of If It’s for my Daughter, I’d Defeat Even a Demon Lord continues! It has been a long while since I revisited this series. With holidays, other anime and plenty of other distractions. Getting this series done has been a problem. Still we are one volume closer now and it is time to talk about it! After the cut let’s take a dive into the third volume and see what’s happening!

As of this installment, the series has left the anime behind and is going into unknown territory. With that we also enter the first real timeskip of the series. Latina is now fourteen years old, and like all fourteen year old’s, is going through all the changes that make that time the interesting (and chaotic) it is. All of her friends are going through this as well, and starting to drift towards the paths their lives will take. For Latina, now a full on employee of the Dancing Ocelot, she is content with her life, except for the growing feelings in her heart. Dolls are being replaced with make-up, and the group of friends are starting to see each other in a different light than when they were kids. This will lead to some future events, but for now we find ourselves focused on Latina and her feelings for Dale.

I am going to get into this in the fourth volume, when the series embraces this angle fully, so I don’t want to drag this up now. All I can say is that the series does a decent job in trying to show Latina’s feelings for Dale. Her confession and the comedic result is a fun way to end the volume, but the lead up to that is treated with enough gravitas and effort that you can feel it’s important to the plot. Whether or not that works for you (or you can stomach it) is for the fourth volume, but as a plot point in this installment, it works well. As for the other characters, Dale remains the doting adopted father who is oblivious to what is going on. Rita and Kenneth are the supportive surrogate family, while raising their own children, and Latina’s friends are the kind and good group they always have been. 

Special mention again should be made to the world building in this novel. While not to the extent of say Jobless Reincarnation, I have always been impressed at how Daughter is able to create a fleshed out world. It would have been easy for a series like this to focus on the characters, but enough effort has been put in to make you feel this is a lived in world. The festival which serves as the backdrop to the plot has its history explained, and enough detail put in that it feels like something that would happen, not added on because it checks a box.

The third volume of If it’s for my Daughter, I’d Defeat Even a Demon Lord is very much a bridge chapter. It is focused on moving the characters into new positions so that when the plot actually starts in the next volume, things are ready for it. Still, it remains the cute and fluffy series about an adorable girl and the family that she finds. If you’ve liked that so far, you will like it here, but the real question remains for the following volumes and how people will react to where the story goes. I look forward to getting into that entry in the near future and I hope you will check it out.

latina pout [if it's for my daughter, i'd even defeat a demon lord] :  r/pouts
I can’t find the images of the light novel online, so here is pouting Latina!

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