Don’t @ Me: Six of my Anime Opinions: Ufotable Virgin Edition

It’s Monday and it’s time for this. Welcome to Don’t @ Me, the place where, like a one armed Hashira. I go absolutely ape-shit as I give you my thoughts and views on everything in the anime and manga world. This week, it’s all about Ufotable, so let’s get to it.

1. If you weren’t one of the people creaming their pants on Sunday. The newest episode of Demon Slayer came out and it’s fantastic animation has taken the world by storm, again. Much praise has been going to Ufotable, which while valid, I also want to toss some cold water on it.

2. Now I am not a nitpicker or a Corey contrarian. I love Ufotable, adore their work, and I am no virgin to the studio. They deserve all the credit they get. They are probably one of the top three studios in the industry and have a good claim to being the best. They got the golden touch, no question.

3. Still, when I look on twitter and see people saying that this single episode is the greatest thing of all time, I have to roll my eyes. I don’t do hype, and this frothing love over some (amazing) pieces of animation is something I don’t think is right. It is knee jerk reactionism. By all means love what you saw, I did too,

4. And let’s also be honest here. A lot of the praise and love heaped on DemonSlayer is because of the ‘Ufotable-bump.” It’s a great series no doubt, a shonen that doesn’t drag its feet and sticks it landing, but again, a lot of the love comes from the animation. Ufotable could choose any show, ANY show, and people will fall over to love it if they give it even a fifth of the budget this show gets.

5. Because people eat with their eyes in the anime fandom. Pretty animation and high-stakes action can make people forgive A LOT of other stuff. if EXARM was animated by Ufotable, people would be calling it the greatest show of all time, instead of one of the worst. The most vocal haters of ecchi and fanservice would be singing its praises if a show got this level of polish.

6. But what I am just saying is really just white noise. Ufotable can talk the walk and back it up 100%. And mark my words, I have no doubt that this studio is going to be scooped up by some larger company within the next five years. Shit this good doesn’t go unnoticed, and I have no doubt western companies looking to get an ‘in’ in the anime market are salivating at the thought of putting this company under their belt. I could be wrong, but I have a good feeling on this one. Just pray it isn’t the fucking rat

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