On my Radar for Winter 2022: The Eight Episode Check-In!

Winter 2022 is nearing its three quarter and once again, if you aren’t a fan of Attack on Titan, then there really isn’t much else. It’s just been a crummy season all around, but it’s almost over. That said, let’s see what is happening with our eight episode check-in!

World’s End Harem

My thoughts after eight episodes: World’s End Harem is dumb stupid fun and that’s what it should be. Other roll their eyes, but I eat it up with both hands. Good fanservice, a passable plot, a main character who will hand deliver his virginity to his dream girl or die trying, and the smart idea to run through the checklist of what to expect from a female-only doomsday. It’s nothing special, but I am so glad it is still running strong.

STATUS: Someone fucking fuck this boy.

Love of Kill

My thoughts after four episodes: I tried to like this show, but I just didn’t care about it. There story wasn’t interesting enough, and the characters didn’t pull me in to keep me around. It’s a shame and maybe I’ll return to it, but not in the near future.

STATUS: Dropped.

Requiem of a Rose King

My thoughts after eight episodes: Rose King is a series that deserves to have a real good budget. The plot is epic and Shakespearean. The characters are interesting, but man oh man, does this show just not have the juice to back it up. I’m invested, but part of me knows that with a few more dollars this could have become a real massive hit. Damn shame.

STATUS: Spare some change?

My Dress-Up Darling

My thoughts after eight episodes: Despite a rough second outing, Dress-Up Darling has been nothing but fantastic since. Great chemistry between the leads, plenty of time spent on the cosplaying world as well as the romance, and fanservice that would do any ecchi proud. This has been the big hit of the season and is already sliding into my “personal recommendation” for the year. I don’t know if it’ll stay there, but right now this is an anime that anyone who likes romance should be watching. Don’t miss it.

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