Fate/Grand Order THE MOVIE – Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot: Wandering; Agateram: I just bit my Tongue

There is no stopping the train of Fate, and neither is the series! Fate/Grand Order is a game I love dearly (saving up for Caster Artoria right now!), and with the game being so popular, it is natural for it to get anime adaptations. And so far the ones that I have seen have been pretty good! Will that stay the same for this installment! Well after the cut let’s take a dive into (deep breath) Fate/Grand Order THE MOVIE – Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot: Wandering; Agateram and find out!

Say that title three times fast.

When it comes to big franchises, there will always come a point where you start to hit diminishing returns. Where said franchise will get so big, that eventually the law of averages will make something come out that is less than stellar. The Fate series, being so large and with so many different installments has hit this before, but it has always been able to find its feet. Even Fate/Extra Last Encore was able to string together a somewhat decent plot and good characters at times. Nero pretty much carries that entire story, and it is worth taking a look at just for her. The same sadly cannot be said for Camelot, which is probably the worst thing the Fate series has put out yet. A series that kept making me ask the question: Who is this for?

I will always find myself wondering why the production team decided to adapt the singularities out of order. While each of them are mostly stand alone stories, it is important to also have a strong foundation with the main characters that people can take with them across each of the arcs. Camelot doesn’t have that, so if you are going into this movie completely blind, or with only a passing knowledge of the game, then you will be completely lost. There is zero time spent telling you what is going on, why they are there, what is the big plot. Camelot expects you to go in with full awareness of the story, and having hopefully watched the previous two installments. Both of which are the first, and seventh in the overall timeline. This isn’t like The Garden of Sinners, where the story being out of order allows the viewer to unpack the mystery. This is a business decision where the powers that be decided to only adapt the singularities in the order of popularity. It’s a cynical choice that kneecaps what I have heard is an overall decent Fate story (for a mobile game) into a chronological and underdeveloped mess.

Don’t expect to know who Mash is, what Ritsu Fujimaru is about, or why Da Vinci is a hot girl. You have to watch other shit for that.

And that would be okay if what was on display made up for it. While fan reception towards the previous Babylonia was mixed. When the series decided to go “Full Fate’ and start whipping out noble phantasm with all the majesty and epicness they deserved, it made it worth it. Babylonia might have had some weak elements, but all was forgiven when you saw Quetzalcoatl drop kick Tiamat from space. Camelot has ZERO of that. Instead of epic fights and balls to the wall action to reward the sometimes flat plot, we are treated to long periods of walking, conversations, scenes that seem to hold on shots for way too long, and action that feels gimped and muted. It all feels so restrained, as if the animators and story-directors are either too timid, or holding the cards too close to their chest.  And when the Fate franchise has sold itself on throwing everything but the kitchen-sink into its action scenes, this feels almost like a betrayal.

All of the secondary characters feel more like glorified cameos than actually people, and it’s a shame.

But what makes it the most annoying is that Camelot is dripping with potential. An evil version of King Arthur’s kingdom, waiting out the end of the world is compelling. The idea of an older and more cynical Saber, now wielding the holy lance Rhongomyniad instead of Excalibur is thrilling and makes me want to know more. How did she get like that? What did Bedivere do that made him want to kill his beloved king? Ozymandias feels like another more chill version of Gilgamesh but does nothing. Seeing characters like True Assassin, Mordred, and Lancelot return, and having Fate’s version of the Knights of the Round fully realized should be celebrated. Instead it either was not developed enough, or being held back for the second installment. To have so many characters and concepts that are close to Fate fans’ hearts, but not commit to them feels like a massive wasted opportunity. This is rich fertile ground for memorable moments for Fate, but the creators just can’t be bothered.

This adult and cynical version of Saber just begs for more attention, but she is barely present in the story.

As I have said in previous posts. I don’t do negativity. The internet is awash in it, and frankly being another reviewer who thinks being cynical and bitter is good content is not what I have interest in doing. But I will never shy away from calling it like it is on Shallow Dives in Anime. I call a spade a spade, and give you my honest opinions. And that is why I can safely say Fate/Grand Order THE MOVIE – Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot: Wandering; Agateram is not worth your time. It is a simple cash-grab adaption of a mobile game and has none of the effort or love that even the other lesser Fate installments have. It’s not for new viewers, and it really isn’t for fans of the story either. I will withhold my full judgment into the second installment, but if it is anything like this, then I don’t think we are in for a good time. I’m sorry to say it, but this is just where the cards fall this time.

At least Arash goes out like a fucking champ. True to form, the greatest 1-star servant.

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