Don’t @ Me: Six of my Anime Opinions: Share this to Piss off half of Anime Twitter Edition

It’s Monday, which means it is time once again for this! Welcome to Don’t @ Me! The place where, like the gnashing of teeth of some anime fans. I sit here and give you news on everything in the manga and anime world. This week there are new seasons, and new seasons of shows that upset people! Let’s get into it and more after the cut!.

1. Surprising no one, Mushoku Tensei is back for a full second season! It’s great news to hear, because it was the surprise hit of last year. I have to wonder now that Attack on Titan is taking its last bow, if this show will get more attention. Either way, it has pissed off the usual group of people, so that’s always nice. Combined with Rising of Shield Hero gearing up for its return next cour, it’s good to see “controversial shows’ get the attention they deserve.

2. I have been rewatching Jobless with some buddies, and I will admit. It is far more unsettling to see Rudy’s inner self talking in full english. Beforehand it was easy to not really pay attention, or not have a real connection due to the Japanese. That isn’t the case for the English and while it doesn’t change my thoughts on the show in the slightest, I do understand a bit more why some people can’t bring themselves to watch it. Again there is a narrative point to it, but still.

3. I am very curious to see if Spy x Family is going to really take off among the anime fandom the way say Dress-Up Darling has. The manga is a cult favorite among its viewers, but I thought the same thing about Komi Can’t Communicate and that show was a non-starter. Hopefully this one being on Crunchyroll gets more eyeballs on it.

4. Speaking of that, Funimation has started the process of moving its entire catalogue over to Crunchyroll, merging the two streaming services together. Again, I like the short term benefits of only needing to pay one subscription (which you can bet will get a price hike because of this), but the long term is still out for me. Will having a monopoly on anime streaming be a good thing for us? Time will tell.

5. I saw the new poster for Date A Live IV and the new studio. Once again we play this great game, and I only hope that this studio will survive taking this cursed (but amazing) series on board. I mean, it can’t look as bad as it did in the third. I will also be very curious to see if it breaks the “no fifth season” barrier that seems to stop a lot of shows. Apparently this show is the shit over in China.

6. I bet anime twitter would be so much better for people if they realized that maybe, just maybe. The world doesn’t need to hear your bullshit take on the anime world. Like maybe you can just keep it to yourself. You might think that Isekai is dumb, but there are a lot of people who don’t want to hear it. Save yourself the stress.

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